Are Radar Detectors Legal in Colorado?

All About Radar Detectors in Colorado
All About Radar Detectors in Colorado

RADAR DETECTORS are of best use to personal car owners or passenger drivers, especially during driving when they need to drive slowly and limit their driving speed because of overspeeding tickets. 

Using this device is secure and convenient, while some would testify that this can hamper and interrupt drivers when driving. That’s why legalities of using this radar detector are permitted in most US states, while only two states won’t allow drivers to operate this device. 

This article will answer questions such as radar detectors, Colorado radar detector laws, laser jammers, and RADAR DETECTORS LEGAL IN COLORADO, can a cop tell if you have a radar detector, and what states do not allow radar detectors, and do radar detectors still work in 2021.

A radar detector will pick up radar signals from the radar gun of a traffic enforcer or any police officer. Private and commercial drivers are using this radar detector to save themselves from being penalized for overspeeding tickets, which can sometimes be costly and hassle. 

These are being detected by the police radar guns. Installing and having this device, all drivers will be aware of their speed travel to make adjustments by driving slowly at a minimum required speed.

What Are Radar Detectors?

Radar detectors are speed detection electronic devices used by vehicle drivers to alert them if there are cops who are using radar guns. 

They pick up those frequencies used by police radar guns. When a radar picks up those frequency signals, a sound alarm will immediately notify drivers. High-end and more advanced radar detectors will not only detect cops radars but can also transmit distorted signals called jamming signals so that police will not detect their radar detectors. 

The two most important features of the radar detector are sensitivity and range. When buying this detector, it must have 4 times capturing distance of police radar gun, giving you enough time to slow down. The primary factor to consider also is the filtering detector capabilities for drivers not to receive false alerts.

Colorado Radar Detector Laws


People in their state, especially drivers, are allowed to use radar detectors. However, according to the law of federal and Colorado states, USING LASER JAMMERS IS NOT AUTHORIZED. These are the following radar guns used by the local police agencies in their state:

* MPH Industries Python Series III ( X Band, K Band, Ka-Band)

* Applied concepts stalker dual SL (Ka-Band)

* MPH Industries Enforcer (K-band and Ka-band)

* Decatur Electronics Speed Trak K-band

* Kustom Signals Talon Directional

* Kustom Signals Talon II

* Kustom Signals Falcon HR K-band

For the speeding tickets in Colorado, you can be a violator if you exceed driving on these required speed limits:

* over the posted speed limit of one to four miles per hour.

* over the posted limit speed of five to nine miles per hour.

* over maximum posted speed limit of ten to 19 miles per hour.

* over the posted limit of twenty to thirty-nine miles per hour.

* over maximum posted speed limit of forty miles per hour or more.

It is illegal to use laser jammers in the state of Colorado. According to the Colorado Revised Statutes Title 42 (2016) –Vehicles and Traffic Regulation of Vehicles and Traffic, Article 4, Part 14 S. 42-4-1415 about Radar jamming devices, NO PERSON SHALL SELL, POSSESS, AND USE RADAR JAMMING DEVICE.

It is also stated that no one shall operate with a radar jammer on a motor vehicle. These laser jammers are subject to confiscation wherein a police officer can destroy this device as ordered by the court. Violators are punishable with a class 2 misdemeanor traffic offense…

Can a Cop Tell if You Have a Radar Detector?

A police officer can recognize and notify you if you installed and used a radar detector. They have a unique device called “RADAR DETECTOR DETECTOR OR RDD” to quickly detect radio waves or wavelengths of radar detectors. 

This is considerable support for cops in immediately locating vehicles that use radar detection devices mounted inside or in a windshield and are actively working. In the States, law enforcement agencies like traffic enforcers and police officers use it, especially in areas where radar detectors are not legal. 

The different types of radar detector detectors are VG-2 Interceptor, Spectre I, II, III, and the new one that is currently and widely used is the Spectre Elite or Spectre Iv. Most radar detectors that are commercialized nowadays and being sold in the market can shatter V-2 RDD. 

You need to be vigilant when cops use high-end Spectre IV if you are driving in an area where it is not allowed to use radar detectors.

Which States Do Not Allow Radar Detectors?

This will give you information on what particular state allowed or legalized the use of radar detectors on private vehicles, commercial vehicles, and in using laser jammers. In all 50 states, using radar detectors on military bases is illegal. For Police Radar Bands Use this Link

State Radar Detectors Laws in Private Vehicle and Commerical Vehicles Below ( <10k Ibs.)

Alabama legal allowed Legal
Alaska legal allowed Legal
Arizona legal allowed Legal
Arkansas legal allowed Legal
California legal/ Dashboard Mounted OnlyLegal
Colorardo legal allowed /laser jammers are illegal Legal
Connecticut legal allowed Legal
Delaware legal allowedLegal
Florida legal allowed Legal
Georgia legal allowed Legal
Hawaii legal allowed Legal
Idaho legal allowed Legal
Illinois legal not allow Illegal
Indiana legal allowed Legal
Iowa legal allowed Legal
Kansas legal allowed Legal
Kentucky legal allowed Legal
Louisiana legal allowed Legal
Maine legal allowed Legal
Maryland legal allowed Legal
Massachusetts legal allowed Legal
Michigan legal allowed Legal
Minnesota legal not allowed Illegal
Mississippi legal allowed Legal
Missouri legal allowed Legal
Montana legal allowed Legal
Nebraska legal allowed/ Laser jammers are illegalLegal
Nevada legal allowedLegal
New Hampshire legal allowed Legal
New Jersey legal not allowed Legal
New Mexico legal allowed Legal
New York legal/ not allowed in commercial vehiclesLegal
North California legal allowed Legal
North Dakota legal allowed Legal
Ohio legal allowed Legal
Oklahoma legal allowed Legal
Oregon legal allowed Legal
Pennsylvania legal allowed Legal
Rhode Island legal allowed Legal
South Carolina legal allowed/ Laser jammers illegalLegal
South Carolina legal allowed /Laser jammers illegalLegal
South Dakota legal allowed Legal
Tennessee legal allowed/ Laser jammers illegalLegal
Texas legal allowed /Laser jammers illegalLegal
Utah legal allowed/ Laser jammers illegalLegal
Vermont legal allowed Legal
Virginia illegal not allowed Illegal
Washington legal allowed Legal
Washington DC illegal not allowedIllegal
West Virginia legal allowed Legal
Wisconsin legal allowed Legal
Wyoming legal allowed Legal
State Radar Detectors Laws in Private Vehicle

Do Radar Detectors Still Work in 2021?

Radar detectors keep on upgrading every year, and for this year, 2021, radar detectors continue working and are extensively used by drivers. 

The best 2021 radar detectors are like palm-sized computers with software and sensors to identify false signals from accurate alerts. The latest and best of all radar detectors are the following:

* Valentine One V1 Gen 2 click here to view on amazon is the best overall radar detector used by the police.

* Cobra Road Scout click here to view on Amazon. This is the radar detector that has a built-in dash camera.

* Uniden R7 Laser/Radar Detector use this link to visit Amazon, is the radar detector that has the longest range.

* Escort MAX360C Laser view on Amazon. Use this link. This is the radar detector that is the most user-friendly.

* Rocky Mountain Radar Moto-Raptor is a radar detector that is best for motorcycles.

* Escort Max 3 Laser Radar Detector Use this link to view on Amazon. This is the best radar detector with a price of under $400.

* Uniden R3 Laser/Radar Detector is the best overall value. Use this link to visit Amazon.

* Cobra RAD 480i Laser Radar Detector click here to view on Amazon. This is the radar detector is the best budget radar detector.

* Whistler CR73 is the best impulse buy a radar detector.

* Escort Redline 360C is the latest and ranked number 1 as the best radar detector, with the advanced ability to filter out most false alerts. It also has GPS enabled detector, and to maximize sensitivity, all antennas are incorporated into an LNA. This is one of the most expensive radar detectors in the market today.

When choosing the best radar detector, it is essential to know if you want to mount a radar detector into your windshield or build it into your car. The advantages of mounting a radar detector in your windshield are that it is easy to install, affordable cost, and its performance will approve because the antenna is mounted a little higher. Top Tips for a Hidden Radar Detector Mount

Of course, make sure that mounting it in your windshield is legal in your state. Radar detectors have laws that need to follow by everyone. Using this device varies in each state, and you need to have information for you to be aware of, especially if you cross borders or are in a different state. Where is The Best Place to Mount a Radar Detector

If you are using radar detectors for personal use, family, business, or commercial purposes, keep on following and obeying its rules for you not to suffer in the end.

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