Are Radar Detectors Legal in Texas?

Are Radar Detectors Legal in Texas?
Are Radar Detectors Legal in Texas?

Legalities of Radar Detector Especially in Texas

Radar detectors are of great use to all drivers, especially when they need to slow down because of overspeeding. For some, using this device is safe and secure, while some claim that this can hinder and disturb drivers when driving. 

That’s why legalities of this radar detector are allowed in most states in the U.S., while few won’t allow drivers to use this device. 

This article will answer questions such as ARE RADAR DETECTORS LEGAL IN TEXAS, what states that it is illegal to use a radar detector, and other brief and concise information about laws governed by using radar detectors.

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What is a Radar Detector?

A RADAR DETECTOR picks up radar signals coming from the radar gun of a police officer or traffic enforcer. Drivers are using data detectors to save them from paying overspeeding tickets that are detected by the radar guns used by the police. 

Having this device, drivers will be aware of their traveling speeds, and they can immediately slow down if they are driving more than the minimum speed limit.

Can You Get a Ticket For Having a Radar Detector in Texas?

A PERSON MAY STILL GET A TICKET IN TEXAS if he had mounted his radar detector on the vehicle’s windshield, rear window, side, or any place that will reduce or obstruct the clear view of the operator or the driver. 

It is also at the discretion of the police officer if the placement hinders the operator’s view or not. To be safe and avoid being ticketed, do not mount a radar detector on the vehicle’s windshield.

Texas Radar Detector Law

According to TEXAS STATE LAW, to answer your question about ARE RADAR DETECTORS LEGAL IN TEXAS, it is legal to use a radar detector in a passenger vehicle in their state; however, there are restrictions for you to follow.

Non-passengers vehicles in Texas may not use radar detectors because it is only legal for private vehicles. In Texas, police and other law enforcement officers are permitted to have and use radar guns. 

Texas Transportation Code Section 542.2035, states that a municipal police officer is not allowed to use a hand-held laser or device for speed enforcement in collecting evidence before having a traffic stop. 

This further means that it is not permitted to take pictures in connection with radar guns. Any law enforcement officer who uses a radar gun must be well-trained enough. In using radar guns, the one that is legally permitted is by using Doppler technology.

In What States is it Illegal to Have a Radar Detector?

In the United States, using radar detectors is generally legal because radar detectors will help drivers be mindful and watch over their driving speed. However, State policies vary on the legalities and policies regarding radar detectors. 

Currently, the STATE OF VIRGINIA and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, WASHINGTON, are the only U.S. States wherein it is illegal to use a radar detector. 

According to the law in the state of Virginia, it is okay to have a radar detector if the vehicle has no power source and it is not accessible to the occupants of the vehicle. If you choose to violate this law, a fine of up to $250 is waiting for you to settle.

Mounting Radars on Windshields are Banned in the Following States:

* Pennsylvania
* New Jersey
* Florida
* California
* Texas

The Following States Permit the Use of Laser Jammers:

* Washington D.C.
* Virginia
* Utah
* Tennessee
* South Carolina
* Oklahoma
* Nebraska
* Minnesota
* Illinois
* Colorado
* California

Radar Detectors in Commercial Vehicles

IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED under U.S. federal law if a commercial vehicle uses a radar detector that weighs 10,000 pounds or more. These commercial drivers are treated and compared to professional drivers, so other laws are applicable for them. 

There are no exceptions in this case, and to avoid being penalized, commercial drivers, especially big trucks, must avoid using a radar detector. 

If the commercial vehicle weighs less than 10,000 pounds, most of the states allowed using radar detectors except in Washington D.C., Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Illinois,

The use of laser jammers to emit a signal that will interfere or block the radar guns used by a police officer is illegal. In 2011, the Texas legislature passed a law prohibiting all drivers from installing, attempting to use, and operating vehicle radar jammers. 

If you are violating this law and caught using this device, you will be charged with a Class C misdemeanor. Scramblers or radar jammers are not legal in all 50 states because they intervene in signals used by law enforcement for targeting speeding vehicles.

Can a Cop Tell if You Have a Radar Detector?

A Cop or police officer can identify and detect you if you have a radar detector. All they need to have is a device called a RADAR DETECTOR DETECTOR OR RDD to know and detect a radar detector’s presence. 

This device is a big help for law enforcement to quickly locate vehicles that use a radar detection device installed and is actively operating. Most law enforcement agencies are using it, especially in States wherein radar detectors are not allowed. 

The different types of radar detector detectors are VG-2 Interceptor, Spectre I, II, III, and the latest one currently used by cops is the SPECTRE IV OR SPECTRE ELITE. 

Most of the radar detectors that are sold in the market today can beat VG-2 RDD. The RDD that is widely used in the U.S. is the Spectre IV, and this is the one that you need to be very careful, and watchful of, especially if you are driving in a place wherein radar detectors are not allowed.

Using radar detectors varies from one place to another. As a citizen of a particular state, there are imposed laws on using radar detectors that you need to follow. Radar detectors are needed for drivers but make sure that you can use them. Prevention is always better, so do what the law says.


Are Radar Detectors Illegal to Use in Texas?

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