Top Tips for a Hidden Radar Detector Mount

Have you ever received a speeding ticket? These cost a hefty fee and will jack up your car insurance premium.

Top Tips for a Hidden Radar Detector Mount

Car radar detector installed on the window

Over 100,000 people receive a speeding ticket per day. It’s no wonder our roads fill up with stressed-out motorists.Police officers carry high-tech radars to catch offenders. These gadgets continue to improve at an alarming rate. Thanks to having a hidden radar detector mount installed in your car, you can avoid getting one of these expensive tickets.Keep your license free from moving violations. Read on to discover the top tips in installing a hidden radar detector mount.

Clean and Green

The priciest hidden radar detector mount will not adhere properly to any surface if you don’t keep the surface clean. Some of these mounts use a suction cup, while others use an adhesive that sticks like glue.This tip works for mounts designed to stick to your dashboard, not for those designed for a rear view mirror. Don’t worry, you won’t need any fancy cleaning supplies whatsoever.Take some rubbing alcohol – any brand will do – and a small piece of cleaning cloth. Next, pour a bit of rubbing alcohol on the cloth. Approximately one teaspoon is sufficient. Add more rubbing alcohol if your dashboard is extra filthy.After you’ve applied the alcohol to the cloth, rub the surface area clean using circular motions. Remove dust and, when applicable, any silicon-based cleaner you may have applied to your dashboard. These cleaners can keep your hidden radar detector mount from adhering properly.Make sure to apply a firm grip when rubbing the cleaning cloth. The trick is to get your dashboard as clean as possible, helping the mount stick for the long haul.The next task is to do the same thing to the bottom of your radar detector. Apply a little bit of alcohol to the cleaning cloth and wipe the bottom clean.Once you’re done, follow the instructions that came with the product. Stick the mount to what should now be your immaculate dashboard.

Know the Compatibility

The next top tip to help you install a hidden radar detector mount is determine the compatibility between your radar detector and the mount. It pays to know if your mount is compatible with the radar you own or plan to purchase.If you’ve purchased mounts separately from the radar detector, you need to realize not all detectors work with all kinds of mounting brackets.Two popular mount products are the more expensive BlendMount and the less costly Radar Mount Mirror Mount. Both products perform the same function.The great thing about these mounts is their compatibility with the top radar detectors in the market, such as products made by Escort, Valentine and Cobra.If you own or plan to buy an Escort mount, do consider there exist two different kinds. One comes with a traditional mount, such as the Redline or Magnum, while the other kind is the sticky cup magnetic mount. The magnetic variety is typically found in the Max series detectors. Fortunately, you can use workarounds for certain mounts and radar detectors that aren’t compatible out of the box. The key is to make use of the suction cup windshield mount found along with the detector. Get rid of the suction cups. Next, you’ll need to screw the Radar Mount bracket in place of the suction cups.

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Mounting on Rear View Mirror

If you plan to attach your hidden radar detector mount to your car’s rearview mirror, the steps to take vary with different mounts.You’ll find mounts designed to clamp down from the side. Friction is then applied to the mount.If you happen to have a smaller RVM stem, you need to add optional padding. In older mount models, the padding uses a foam pad known as a bushing strip. Newer models, on the other hand, come with two custom-made nylon bushings.These get placed on each side. All you must do is tighten the screw found at the top portion of the mount. This is the portion that holds it firmly in place.Keep in mind that manufacturers make each mount differently. Instead of wrapping entirely around the stem, these mounts come with a set of clamps. The clamps then squeeze the radar from the bottom and the top.To hold the hidden radar detector mount in place, the clamps bite down on the mirror. To keep it nice and tight, tighten the screws on both sides. Ensure they squeeze nicely on the RVM.

Keep It Sturdy

The next key thing in installing a hidden radar detector mount is to make sure it stays in place during bumpy rides.

Do you find yourself driving on bumpy roads often? If so, this section is crucial for you.

Certain mount models are sturdier and designed to perform well on bumpy roads than others. Check online reviews to see which products other people prefer before you make a purchase.

Our website has a page dedicated entirely to radar detector mount reviews to help you decide which model is ideal for your needs.

If you don’t drive on bumpy roads often, this feature won’t be as crucial for you. If so, look for other features that would affect you more–such as the size of the radar detector, its price and the mount type you prefer.

Hidden Radar Detector Mount Information

Do you venture out of state often? Statistics show that out-of-state drivers are 20% more likely to get pulled over for speeding than locals.

Driving locally doesn’t make you safe from a speeding ticket, either. The same statistic data shows how 40-speed traps in Texas generated over $170 million for the state. That exceeds $3,000 in fines per citizen!

If you don’t want to experience the horrible sight of blinking lights and a police officer asking to see your license and registration, educate yourself.

We keep our site updated with the latest information regarding radar detection. Contact us now and you won’t have to tarnish your driving record and cough up hefty fines.

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