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Are Radar Detectors Legal in Texas?

Are Radar Detectors Legal in Texas?
Are Radar Detectors Legal in Texas?

Legalities of Radar Detector Especially in Texas

Radar detectors are of great use to all drivers, especially when they need to slow down because of overspeeding. For some, using this device is safe and secure, while some claim that this can hinder and disturb drivers when driving. 

That’s why legalities of this radar detector are allowed in most states in the U.S., while few won’t allow drivers to use this device. 

This article will answer questions such as ARE RADAR DETECTORS LEGAL IN TEXAS, what states that it is illegal to use a radar detector, and other brief and concise information about laws governed by using radar detectors.

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What is a Radar Detector?

A RADAR DETECTOR picks up radar signals coming from the radar gun of a police officer or traffic enforcer. Drivers are using data detectors to save them from paying overspeeding tickets that are detected by the radar guns used by the police. 

Having this device, drivers will be aware of their traveling speeds, and they can immediately slow down if they are driving more than the minimum speed limit.

Can You Get a Ticket For Having a Radar Detector in Texas?

A PERSON MAY STILL GET A TICKET IN TEXAS if he had mounted his radar detector on the vehicle’s windshield, rear window, side, or any place that will reduce or obstruct the clear view of the operator or the driver. 

It is also at the discretion of the police officer if the placement hinders the operator’s view or not. To be safe and avoid being ticketed, do not mount a radar detector on the vehicle’s windshield.

Texas Radar Detector Law

According to TEXAS STATE LAW, to answer your question about ARE RADAR DETECTORS LEGAL IN TEXAS, it is legal to use a radar detector in a passenger vehicle in their state; however, there are restrictions for you to follow.

Non-passengers vehicles in Texas may not use radar detectors because it is only legal for private vehicles. In Texas, police and other law enforcement officers are permitted to have and use radar guns. 

Texas Transportation Code Section 542.2035, states that a municipal police officer is not allowed to use a hand-held laser or device for speed enforcement in collecting evidence before having a traffic stop. 

This further means that it is not permitted to take pictures in connection with radar guns. Any law enforcement officer who uses a radar gun must be well-trained enough. In using radar guns, the one that is legally permitted is by using Doppler technology.

In What States is it Illegal to Have a Radar Detector?

In the United States, using radar detectors is generally legal because radar detectors will help drivers be mindful and watch over their driving speed. However, State policies vary on the legalities and policies regarding radar detectors. 

Currently, the STATE OF VIRGINIA and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, WASHINGTON, are the only U.S. States wherein it is illegal to use a radar detector. 

According to the law in the state of Virginia, it is okay to have a radar detector if the vehicle has no power source and it is not accessible to the occupants of the vehicle. If you choose to violate this law, a fine of up to $250 is waiting for you to settle.

Mounting Radars on Windshields are Banned in the Following States:

* Pennsylvania
* New Jersey
* Florida
* California
* Texas

The Following States Permit the Use of Laser Jammers:

* Washington D.C.
* Virginia
* Utah
* Tennessee
* South Carolina
* Oklahoma
* Nebraska
* Minnesota
* Illinois
* Colorado
* California

Radar Detectors in Commercial Vehicles

IT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED under U.S. federal law if a commercial vehicle uses a radar detector that weighs 10,000 pounds or more. These commercial drivers are treated and compared to professional drivers, so other laws are applicable for them. 

There are no exceptions in this case, and to avoid being penalized, commercial drivers, especially big trucks, must avoid using a radar detector. 

If the commercial vehicle weighs less than 10,000 pounds, most of the states allowed using radar detectors except in Washington D.C., Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, and Illinois,

The use of laser jammers to emit a signal that will interfere or block the radar guns used by a police officer is illegal. In 2011, the Texas legislature passed a law prohibiting all drivers from installing, attempting to use, and operating vehicle radar jammers. 

If you are violating this law and caught using this device, you will be charged with a Class C misdemeanor. Scramblers or radar jammers are not legal in all 50 states because they intervene in signals used by law enforcement for targeting speeding vehicles.

Can a Cop Tell if You Have a Radar Detector?

A Cop or police officer can identify and detect you if you have a radar detector. All they need to have is a device called a RADAR DETECTOR DETECTOR OR RDD to know and detect a radar detector’s presence. 

This device is a big help for law enforcement to quickly locate vehicles that use a radar detection device installed and is actively operating. Most law enforcement agencies are using it, especially in States wherein radar detectors are not allowed. 

The different types of radar detector detectors are VG-2 Interceptor, Spectre I, II, III, and the latest one currently used by cops is the SPECTRE IV OR SPECTRE ELITE. 

Most of the radar detectors that are sold in the market today can beat VG-2 RDD. The RDD that is widely used in the U.S. is the Spectre IV, and this is the one that you need to be very careful, and watchful of, especially if you are driving in a place wherein radar detectors are not allowed.

Using radar detectors varies from one place to another. As a citizen of a particular state, there are imposed laws on using radar detectors that you need to follow. Radar detectors are needed for drivers but make sure that you can use them. Prevention is always better, so do what the law says.


Which States Use Lidar?

Which States Use Lidar?
Which States Use Lidar?

All About Lidar: Its Importance, Uses, and States Who Are Now Using It

Light Detection and Ranging or Commonly Known as Lidar is a remote sensing method that uses light pulses laser to measure ranges like variable distance to the Earth. 

A lidar is consists of a scanner, laser, and a GPS receiver which is highly specialized. The most common examples for getting lidar data over broad areas are airplanes and helicopters. 

There are two types of LIDAR which are bathymetric and topographic. To measure riverbed elevations and seafloor, bathymetric lidar uses water-penetrating green light while topographic lidar uses infrared lasers to map the land. 

This article will give you information about police lidar, where police use lidar, WHICH STATES USELIDAR, radar detectors, laser jammers, how detectors work, and the most significant factor in lidar device targeting and lidar speed detector accuracy.

Do Cops Use Lidar?

Do Cops Use Lidar?
Do Cops Use Lidar?

A police lidar, also known as a police laser, is a technological device to calculate the speed of a vehicle, and law enforcement officers typically use this device. 

They are using this device to know the exact speeds traveled by a motorist so that road incidents and accidents will be minimized.

The police use laser guns as this is the most precise speed monitoring so that if there are violators, they will report the speed to the officer quickly.

Police Radar

Radar is an acronym for Radio Detection and Ranging. A police radar will directly measure the doppler, which is the vehicle speed induced. It can be operated into two modes: the first is constant-on (CO) operation or continuously transmitted, and the second is RF-hold, commonly known as instant-on (IO). 

Police can place their constant-on radars in a covered position like in a collective leafy canopy of trees and plants while pointing the gun at an angle across the roadway and not directly pointed at an approaching vehicle. 

This kind of trap configuration is hard for them to detect even if they are using high-end radar detectors.

The RF-hold radars are designed to beat drivers who operate radar detectors. Police radar guns are operated on different frequency bands, namely the X-band, K-band, and Ka-band.

Radar Detectors

Motorists use these electronic devices to detect if their traveling speed is being monitored by a law enforcer or police officer using a radar gun. 

This device will help detect radio signals or radio waves which are forms of electromagnetic energy transmitted from radars.

Drivers use radar detectors to reduce the car’s speed before they can violate and be ticketed for overspeeding. 

A radar detector will warn you, visually and audibly, as you will hear alerts, for you to be aware and slow down with at least the minimum speed limit required. Radar operates in two ways, transmit and receive mode. 

During the transmit mode, the radar system sends out into the air radar signals from the antenna and transmitter. Instead of transmitting, the system is waiting to sense and detect return signals from previously transmitted energy in the receive mode. 

Radar spends most of its time during receiving mode.

A radar system has different critical components like a frequency source, radar transmitter, antenna, radar receiver, signal/data processor, and power supplies to enable their uses to detect distant objects.

Laser Jammers

A laser is a technological device so that your car will be invisible to police LIDAR enforcement. A laser jammer will detect a laser beam from police, decode the signal, and transmit a reply. 

This device is the best complement to your radar detector because the laser gun will be actively jammed for you to have enough time to slow down.

Laser jammers will receive the laser gun beam of police, and a light pattern will be transmitted back that will cause the officer to receive a no-speed reading, or there will be a 10-second error. 

These jammers must have a clear view of the road and go perpendicular and level to the road ahead.

Where Do Police Use Lidars?

Lidar devices are commonly used in heavy traffic areas due to their laser beams which can focus on vehicles individually and pinpoint accuracy. 

The traffic enforcer or a police officer can accurately measure vehicle speed, including those vehicles in high traffic areas. Police laser will pinpoint a specific vehicle directly with no warning in advance. 

Due to the speed of laser light, if they target you and you don’t have laser jammers, then there is no way for you to hit the brakes to avoid a laser ticket. 

Police officers are trained to target vehicles at a distance of 800 to 1,200 feet from a stationary position. Police Officers are always using this device on roadways for traffic enforcement.

Which States Use Lidar?

These are the following states who have THEIR STATEWIDE LIDAR DATASETS: 

Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. The states that have partial dataset status are Alaska, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts ( Boston area only), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia. Wisconsin and Wyoming are currently the two states which are in progress LIDAR dataset status.

These are the following:
* Washington and Benton, Arkansas
* Los Angeles, Marin, Orange, and Sonoma, California
* Walton, Wakulla, Santa Rosa, St. Johns GIS, St. Johns, Putnam, Okaloosa, Leon, Lee, Jefferson, Indian River, Holmes, Gulf, Escambia, Clay, Broward, and Brevard, Florida
* White, Tift, Richmond, Putnam, Polk, Paulding, Oglethorpe, Oconee, Morgan, Madison, Lincoln, Hancock, Glynn, Fulton, Floyd, Fayette, Cook, Columbia, Clarke, Burke, Barrow, and Baldwin, Georgia
* Oahu in Hawaii
* Ogle, McLean, and Macon in Illinois
* Kosciusko, Delaware, Indiana
* Scott, Iowa
* Shawnee, Johnson, Jefferson, Harvey, Douglas in Kansas
* Oldham, Jefferson, and Bullitt, Kentucky
* Montgomery and Baltimore, Maryland
* Wayne, Washtenaw, St. Clair, Ottawa, Oakland, Monroe, Macomb, Livingston, and Dickison in Michigan
* Wright, Winona, Wabasha, Steele, Rice, Olmsted, Ramsey, Mower, McLeod, Hubbard, Houston, Goodhue, Freeborn, Fillmore, Dodge, and Dakota in Minnesota
* Taney, Stone, St. Charles, Scott, Saline, Platte, Montgomery, Linn, Lafayette, Jackson, Greene, Clay, Chariton, Cass, and Carroll in Missouri
* Pearl River GIS and Pearl River, Mississippi
* Douglas, Nevada
* Somerset, New Castle, Morris, Middlesex, Kent, Hunterdon, Gloucester, Cumberland, and Cape May, New Jersey
* Ontario, Monroe, Cayuga, and Broome, New York
* Josephine and Coos, Oregon
* Rutherford and Hamilton in Tennessee
* Williamson, Travis, Nueces, Kaufman, Harris, Denton, Collins, and Brazoria, Texas
* Chittenden, and Essex, Vermont
* Mason, King, Kitsap, and Clark in Washington
* Wyoming, Jefferson, and Gilmer, West Virginia
* Washington, Ozaukee, Milwaukee, and Door, Wisconsin

How Do Radar Detectors Work?

Law enforcers or police officers use a radar gun to detect and catch overspeeding vehicles. A lidar radar gun releases invisible waves that operate on a particular band of radar signals to detect the traveling speed of a vehicle, and these will bounce back to the radar of police.

For you to detect these waves and send forth visual and audio alerts, a radar detector can do all of these like it will indicate that you are in trouble and for you to avoid speed traps.

Premium radar detector offers fewer false alerts and has a long-range detection of radar guns, and it gives accurate readings.

Biggest Factor on Lidar Device Targeting

The most significant factors in a Lidar device are the main components of the sensor system, composed of three independent operating technologies. These are the transmitter, detector, and receiver. 

This device will send out pulses and will the range or distance of the target. It records the delay of time between the reception and light pulse transmission to calculate elevation values. 

These devices have a GPS or global positioning system that will give the location of the one who is holding the LIDAR sensor instrument.

It also has IMU measures or an initial measurement unit that will measure angular motion and linear. 

Lidar also has a narrow beam which will remove the need for visual estimation, and it can be as easy to target individual vehicles. Some lidar models can also record license plate number images at the same instant as speed violation recording.

Lidar Speed Detector Accuracy

The Department of Transportation (NHTSA) or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US issued standards and specifications for lidar devices. The lidar speed detector accuracy is +2 km/h and -3 km/h, a minimum range of 300 meters, and +-0.3 meters at 90 meters is the distance accuracy. 16 km/h to 320 km/h is the required speed range to be detected accurately. It is also required that the light emitted must be in the infrared range; pulse repetition is less than 1 kHz, and less than 5 milliradians are the beam divergence and must meet eye safety standards. All

Speeding is one of the significant causes of traffic incidents in the US. Imposing speed limit is important so that drivers will maintain their minimum speed to avoid car accidents. 

Using these new technological devices is of great help to the police officers for added security, making their tasks lighter, and for the protection and safety of all drivers.


Escort Max 360c Radar Detector

Escort Max 360c Radar Detector
Escort Max 360c Radar Detector

Is the Escort Max 360c Undetectable?

Speeding tickets can be expensive, especially if you’re getting them often. But also, driving and following all the speed limits can be ridiculous sometimes.

Especially when you’re late, Escort Max 360c Radar Detector will save you from trouble.

Escort Max 360c Radar Detector uses all the sensors and antennas to scan 360 degrees around. It then shows the alerts on the directional alert arrows. Thanks to the dual antenna system, which has detection in both front and rear view, you will bring your safety to another level.

To purchase the Escort Max 360c directly from Escort. Use this link.

Alternatively, for convenience and its excellent returns policy: Purchase the Escort Max 360c directly from amazon. Use this link

How Far Does the Escort Max 360c Detect?

If you have ever used any other radar detectors before, you might have got many false alerts. Escort Max 360c Radar Detector rejects GPS false alerts and only helps you detect accurate radars on the road.

With no delay at all, Escort Max 360c Radar Detector will help you detect radars with the speed of lightning, where you will be able to have time to respond.

Better than ever before, Escort Max 360c Radar Detector now has four times the range, which is perfect for drivers. That leaves you a lot more time to adjust your speed before you run in the radar’s view.

The Escort Max 360c Radar Detector’s accuracy relies on the GPS-based system, which provides pinpoint accuracy.

To remove the distraction and keep you safe when you’re behind your wheel, Escort Max 360c Radar Detector now has voice alerts that will let you know if something’s up. You can choose from dual-language, which is available.

When traveling, you will have a premium traveling case, which will keep your precious radar detector safe. Premiums traveling case will protect it from dust, scratches, damages, and even more.

Whether it’s photo enforcement, caution areas, or live police – you will always be protected in real-time against speeding tickets.

Does Escort Max 360 Detect Laser
Does Escort Max 360 Detect Laser?

Does Escort Max 360 Detect Laser?

The Escort Max 360 provides both visual and audio alerts. ESCORT MAX360 – Laser Radar Detector GPS for Fewer False Alerts

  • Lightning Fast Response Directional Alerts
  • Dual Antenna Front and Rear
  • Bluetooth, Voice Alerts
  • OLED Display
  • Escort Live! 
  • DriveSmart Evo GPS Speed Camera & Red Light Camera Detector 
  • Inbuilt Mobile Laser Van Detection.

What Do Others Say about the Escort Max 360c?

Since Escort is a very well-known company in the world of radar, it’s not surprising that Escort Max 360c is a prevalent radar detector model used worldwide.

 On Amazon itself, Escort Max 360c has been reviewed by 417 customers. 52% of them rated Escort Max with five stars. 13% of customers gave it four stars.

Most people are pleased with the Escort Max 360c; it seems that the Max 360c has the best distance among other radar detectors, and that’s something people particularly like.

It shows that the Escort Max 360c Radar Detector provides real value for the price it costs.

To purchase the Escort Max 360c directly from Escort. Use this link.

Alternatively, for convenience and its excellent returns policy: Purchase the Escort Max 360c directly from amazon. Use this link

Are Radar Detectors Still Effective 2021
Are Radar Detectors Still Effective 2021

Are Radar Detectors Still Effective 2021?

Since detectors come in many different shapes and are equipped with many different features – you might feel overwhelmed when choosing your favorite device.

There are many things you should look out for when it comes to radar detectors. Mainly things that will help you in everyday situations. You want your detector to perform better than all other radar detectors on the market.

When you’re choosing a device, you should look out for:

  • • Directions
  • • Range
  • • Response
  • • Accuracy
  • • Filtering
  • • Escort Live app Alerts
  • • Language
  • • Accessories

What is the Difference Between the Escort Max 360 and 360c?

Escort Max 360c Radar Detector protects in 4 directions and has four times the range compared with other radar detectors within its price range.

It also has one of the fastest responses with pinpoint accuracy, which will never let you down. Escort Max 360c Radar Detector can provide pinpoint accuracy thanks to GPS-based location services.

To ensure there are no false alerts, Escort Max 360c Radar Detector has different filtering kinds. Some of the filterings are intelligent filtering, custom filtering, and even app-based filtering.

Alerts with Escort Max 360c Radar Detector are audible, so you never need to distract yourself by looking at the radar detector.

Dual language will always allow you to install and use any other language you prefer other than English, which can be helpful.

On top of all the benefits and features, you will get a premium case that will keep the Escort Max 360c Radar Detector safe.

Buying Advice

When you’re looking to purchase a radar detector, my advice would always compare it to other radar detectors.

While it might be advertised well and look fabulous at first sight, it might not live up to your expectations.

Other Top Radar detectors on the Market

However, when Escort Max 360c Radar Detector is compared to other models such as Escort Solo S4, X80, Redline EX, iX – you can quickly notice that Escort Max 360c Radar Detector is on top of the chart.

Therefore, my advice would be to always look for customer reviews, compare them to other radar detectors, and even read review articles just like this one.

That way, you will be able to determine by yourself whether the radar detector will meet your expectations or not.

However, you will also need to know what to look for. Some of the main features you are looking to get from your future radar detector.

What is the Difference Between the Escort Max 360 and 360c?

Looking to purchase the Max 360c, but you don’t have WiFi in your car, you will need to update your detector at home periodically.

The Max 360 offers the same production and filtering capacities as the Max 360c. The main distinction is that it doesn’t have WiFi built-in for automatic updates and instead uses Bluetooth for the cloud integration, as most of Escort’s other current detectors do. 

Using Bluetooth and running the Escort Live app on your phone (Android or iOS), the Max 360 can talk to other drivers’ radar detectors on the road, sharing alerts with them in real-time.

It’s similar to Waze but automatic and hands-free. Plus, you can use your phone to configure and adjust settings on your detector more easily.

The Max 360 has arrows to help you discover police officers around you, automated GPS lockouts to determine where fixed false alerts are located, red light camera and speed camera alerts, and alert sharing capabilities in the cloud. 

If you don’t need the WiFi capabilities and save a few bucks off the Max 360c, get the original Max 360. For many drivers, I think this is the best choice.

To purchase the Escort Max 360c directly from Escort. Use this link.

Alternatively, for convenience and its excellent returns policy: Purchase the Escort Max 360c directly from amazon. Use this link

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a radar detector that will keep you out of trouble and tickets, even if they’re miles away from you, Escort Max 360c Radar Detector might be the right choice for you.

From all other Escort radar detectors, this one is on top of their lineup. It has all the features which can beat the competition and keep you safe when you need it the most.

Reliability is just one of the features that the Escort Max 360c Radar Detector can provide.

Special Features

Special features such as protection in all four directions, four times the range, the fastest response available ever, and many others prove the quality of Escort Max 360 Radar Detector.

Other than its abilities and features, there are customer reviews. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector has been used and tested by other people just like you worldwide. And if their feedback has been positive, I don’t think that there’s anything else to think about.

You can’t miss by going for any of the Escort radar detectors. However, Escort Max 360 Radar Detector is their top radar detector so far.

What radar detector have you used before? Was it as efficient as you would want it to be?

Escort iXc Radar Detector: A Detailed Guide

Introducing the Escort iX

If you are looking for an intelligent radar detector with an outstanding range that will save you money and the escort iXc is an excellent choice that will help you avoid speeding tickets.

you’ve found a suitable radar detector.

Escort is a well-known brand in the world of radar detectors, and Escort ixc Radar Detector is just one of their radar detectors from the lineup.

Which Escort Radar Detector is Best?

Escort iXc Radar Detector Review
Escort iXc Radar Detector Review

Escort iXc Radar Detector is a very smart radar detector that has high performing laser which could save you from trouble in miles. Thanks to the sensors, early warning detection, which is available in Escort iX Radar Detector, will bring you a fast response, leaving you with more time to react to an alert.

The responses are quick on various radar bands, including conventional and instant-on X-band, SuperWide, K-band, POP, and many others.

The sensitivity of Escort iXc Radar Detector is super fine-tuned, no matter which radar band types you come across. You will always receive the most advanced and warning thanks to the DSP technology used in Escort iX Radar Detector.

To purchase the Escort ixc directly from Escort. Use this link.

Alternatively, for convenience and its excellent returns policy: Purchase the escort ix directly from amazon. Use this link.

Escort Radar Detectors
Escort Radar Detectors

False Alerts

You won’t need to worry about false alarms either. Escort iX Radar Detector uses GPS to learn the spots which are fixed and aren’t a threat. It rejects false alarms, and therefore, no false alarms are going to happen.

Such a system for reducing false alerts can be compared to collision avoidance systems. The precision is almost the same. The IVT filter, which reduces the number of false alerts, is also updatable.

Mounting the Escort IX

Windshield mount options are an important consideration if you want to get the best performance from your device.

You will be able to easily mount Escort iX Radar Detector thanks to the EZ MAG mount. On the multi-color display, you will see your speed and the speed limit in the area you’re in. On the right side of the screen, you will see the alert bar. The display is OLED, and no matter how sunny it is, you will always be able to see the screen.

Clear Notifications

Whenever there is a threat for you on the road, crystal clear voice alerts will notify you, leaving you plenty of time to react.

Dual language is available just like in any other Escort radar detector. Along with English, you can add one additional language of choice.

If you think about how 20% of drivers will receive tickets this year, and how much money that is – I think it’s time to protect yourself. With Escort iX Radar Detector, you will be able to detect 10,000+ radars and speed camera checks.

Everyone has been at least once late for work. It doesn’t have to be as stressful as before.

Are Radar Detectors Worth it 2021?

Escort iXc Radar Detector is not one of the most popular models from Escort. However, there are still plenty of customer reviews on Amazon.

What Customers Think of the Escort iXc

From 142 customer reviews, 62% of them have rated Escort iX Radar Detector with five stars. That shows how good Escort iX Radar Detector is and that it’s as effective as advertised.

Are Radar Detectors Still Effective 2020?

15% of customers have given Escort iXc Radar Detector 4 stars, which is still good enough to convince us that Escort iXc Radar Detector is as good as people think.

It has been tested and used by many people worldwide, and it’s good to see that Escort never lets down people.

What to Look Out For?

When looking out for your new radar detector, it’s essential to know what to look out for.

It might be overwhelming, especially if it’s the first radar detector you’re getting yourself. Also, you don’t want to believe everything that has been advertised to us.

I would highly recommend you learn some basics of radar detectors and essential things you should look out for. It will save you a lot of time, money and will help you quickly learn whether a radar detector is good or bad.

Some things you should look out for when buying a radar detector:

• Range

• Response

• Sensitivity

• Display

• Alerts

• Language

• Portability

There are also some other things. However, these are the most basic ones you should think of when checking a radar detector you’re interested in.

The range is significant because you want to have plenty of time to react to the alert. The response is crucial since it will decide how much time you have to react to an alert.

However, you don’t want a radar detector that is too sensitive. The too-sensitive radar will give you too many false alerts. For more information about random False a please read: Why Does My Radar Detector Go off Randomly?

The display is something you’ll be looking at, and with all the technology available, I’d always recommend you go for OLED displays.

If you plan to use other languages with your radar detector, you should lookout for a dual language feature.

Portability and accessories such as a protective case or holder will help you along the way.

Escort Live

Real-time protection is provided through the connection of the Escort Live App which offers real-time protection against speed cameras and speeding zones. Escort live can be downloaded free onto your mobile device, however, additional features from the defender database can be obtained through the premium membership through an annual charge.

Radar Detectors Buying Advice

When you’re buying yourself a new radar detector, the thing I like to do is see what customers who already used it and tested it say about it. It’s a reliable source that will never let you down or lie to you.

Another thing to do when buying a radar detector would be to compare it to different models. That way, you will see how different they are and which one seems to be the better one.

But also, whether the radar detector you’re looking for is providing enough value for the price it cost.

Reading review articles such as this one will help you a lot as well. But always rely on your opinion and use common sense.

To purchase the Escort iXc directly from Escort. Use this link.

Alternatively, for convenience and its excellent returns policy: Purchase the escort ix directly from amazon. Use this link.

Overall Take & Verdict

Escort iXc Radar Detector has proven to be one of the best radio detectors on the market right now.

Not only does it feature high technology features that are made to improve radar detector purpose, but it has also been tested and used worldwide by people who rated it very well.

Long-distance detection and fast response will always keep you alerted through crystal clear voice. False alerts are also minimized.

Escort iXc Radar Detector is one of the intelligent radar laser detectors which can be your real-time ticket protection. You can’t go wrong by going for any of the Escort radar detectors, either. Escort iX Radar Detector is somewhere in the middle of the Escort radar detectors lineup.

What radar detector have you used until now? Or are you just looking for the first radar detector?

Where is The Best Place to Mount a Radar Detector

Why Radar Detectors Are a Wise Investment
Why Radar Detectors Are a Wise Investment

Mount Radar Detector High or Low

A radar detector is a worthy investment for all drivers. It is an electronic device widely used by motorists to detect if their speed is being monitored by law enforcement or police using a radar gun. Drivers use radar detectors to reduce their car’s speed to avoid getting a ticket for speeding.

Speeding tickets resulting fines amounting to millions of dollars, and many drivers opt to install a radar detector to avoid them. This device can make you aware of a police officer in your vicinity. Using a radar detector to alert you of radar guns and speed traps may be easy. However, how you mount this device matters a lot.

It would be best to research or consult widely before installing your radar detector, and there are robust questions to answer. 

What is the best option for mounting a radar detector high or low? Is it worthwhile having a radar detector on your vehicle? Is the location of the device imperative? Plus, it is necessary to understand where to mount a detector to get the most out of the device?

These are some of the common questions that many radar detector users, especially novices, ask. Learning the basics about using these devices, particularly how to mount them, is not that daunting or rocket science. There is a lot to look at and mount, and starting using your radar detector stress-free.

Should You Mount Your Radar Detector High Or Low?

To function and work correctly, your detector should at all times be mounted correctly. A radar detector is best mounted as a high up in a vehicle to provide a good detection range. The standard location for mounting your vehicle’s radar detector is on the front windshield, and this is near or around the center of the rearview mirror.

If you wish to mount it while pairing it with a dash camera, it is best to mount this device beside or beneath the dashcam.

Something should always hide the radar for maximum protection, and you have a clear view of the road ahead. You should be able to see it without having to look away from the road. Significantly, you should keep it ground level and aim straight down the road you are using.

For best performance, conventional wisdom suggests making it clear you should mount it high on the windshield. A properly mounted radar detector will offer more pros than aiding drivers to make the right decision concerning the speed of their vehicles. Other benefits of mounting a radar detector high and perfectly include:

* It saves you money, especially where a radar detector is legal as you avoid getting a costly speeding ticket.

* It also saves you time as you don’t have to deal with strict police officers who abide by the law all the time or unnecessary speed traps.

* You travel quickly and safely as the device helps manage your speed.

* Perfectly work in any weather, and you should worry about the device failing when you need it much.

* Increases your safety on the roads and avoids panic accidents as you will decelerate if you are speeding.

The Basics of Installing a Radar Detector High or Low

Mounting a radar detector high or low isn’t that daunting when you know where to start. You will need to understand some basics before figuring out where to place the detector in the vehicle. Arguably, there are many advantages of deciding where to best place your radar detector, where to use it effectively, and for the best performance.

As you mount your radar detectors, the key thing to keep in mind is that height matters. Therefore, decide whether you are mounting a radar detector high or low. As the height of the detector will affect its performance.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher you mount your radar detector, the better it will perform. It is easy to detect speed traps over different settings and have a competitive edge over other vehicles in the vicinity. Your radar will easily detect different signals that different barriers might easily block.

Mounting a radar detector low may be an easy and convenient location, but the device won’t be that effective in detecting signals. Many drivers experience less range when detecting radar, and you are likely to get a ticket for speeding. Running the power cable on different locations inside the vehicle can block the stereo buttons and display and look unattractive.

Where you point a radar detector is also imperative, and you should make the right decision. For alignment, I make sure I mount the radar detector level with the ground or straightforward. Please don’t point it up or down to get the best signal when on the roads.

Radar Detector Mounting Ideas- For Best Performance

When mounting radar detectors, you should consider a location that guarantees maximum performance. Remember, speed limits are annoying, and you don’t have to end up spending a lot of money clearing ticket fines when you can avoid such an issue. There are diverse methods and ways to mount a radar detector and be on the good side of the law.

Radar detectors are a useful device that makes it easy for drivers of speed traps on the road. Be law-enforcement authorities monitoring speed or construction areas. Understanding how to mount a radar detector will guarantee the best performance from your device.

With this in mind, here are ideas to embrace and perfectly mount your radar detector.

Mounting on the Windshield

The primary purpose of a vehicle windshield is to protect the occupants and the interiors against debris, dust, wind, rain, bug, and other elements on the roads. It also adds an ornamental feature to the car. If a novice and want to mount a radar detector in your car, the windshield is an excellent location to pick.

There are different ways to mount a detector on the windscreen, and you should settle for one that offers increased performance and efficiency. Mount your detector at a higher elevation to detect radar waves efficiently. Radar detector mounting locations vary slightly, however, there are a few things you need to know.

* Why Should You Mount in the Center of the Windshield?

Mounting radar detectors in the windshield center is recommended as it makes it easy to figure out whether to settle for high or low mounting. It will also be easy to access your radar detector than when you mount it at a lower elevation or closer to the wipers.

* Should You Mount Low on the Windshield

Many drivers have valid options for mounting low or high radar detectors. There are pros and cons of low mounting that should guide you. Many manufacturers will recommend mounting low on the windshield because of its easy and convenient location.

It will also be easy to run a power cable via the dash to the desired object without blocking your visibility. Low mounting on the windshield will provide an ideal location for laser detection. Some drivers will not want to mount low on the windshield because there are chances of experiencing reduced radar range detection. The power cables running down your dashboard will also not look attractive.

* Don’t Leave Your Radar Visible to Thieves

Mounting low or in the center of the windshield can expose your detector to burglars. These are usually compromised locations, and you may end up leaving your radar easily accessible by thieves or police officers. The good news is that you can still hide your radar detector, and there are incredible ideas to keep in mind. And they include:

* Opting for rear view mirror mounting

* Go incognito by investing in a tint strip

* Using unnoticeable radar detectors

Mounting Under the Rearview Mirror

Mounting under the rearview mirror is the best option if there are regulations in your state or country that limit such decisions to evade the law. You will also have the ideal solution for mounting to your windshield with suction cups. Interestingly, you will undertake a professional-looking and efficient installation.

If you have invested in radar detectors with suction cups, you will find it easy to install them on the windshield as they will not block your view. To get the most out of this option, place the detector in the upper left corner of the windshield or lower-left corner above the steering wheel.

Grill Mounted Radar Detectors

If you are not into do-it-yourself radar detector mounting, don’t opt for grill area mounting. It requires professional services and will cost you money on the installation. But then again, the grill is an ideal part of placing the detector if your vehicle has a heated windshield or designs with a metallic coating to block radar signals.

The detector will not be visible to thieves as it is correctly hidden in the grill, and you can park your vehicle without any worries. You can also integrate the radar detector with a laser jammer to prevent all possible detections. But why spend a lot of money when you can mount radar detectors low or high on windshields.

Do Radar Detectors Need a Line of Sight?

Radar uses radio waves to detect and monitor various objects. This is possible because the radar device will emit a radio wave and detect any echo. They will quickly ascertain speed and distance by determining how far an object is or how fast it is.

This means that radar detectors need a line of sight to work efficiently. They will absorb or reflect waves. This means that they should be mounted in a particular direction or location to detect a specific object. You have to install a radar at a certain angle, and the placement should have a clear line of sight. There shouldn’t be any obstructions, and proper mounting will guarantee the best performance.

Understanding Line of Sight

A line of sight is simply a characteristic wave propagation whereby the wave has to travel from the primary source and to a receiver. The light of sight guarantees an unobstructed vision, and one can detect a signal from afar when it comes to radar detectors.

Make Sure Your Radar Detector is Pointed Forwards

It is advisable to ensure your radar detector is pointed straight forward. Always ensure you mount it level with the ground and straightforward.

If you don’t position your radar level, you will reduce its performance and efficiency. Even if it’s your first time mounting this device, make sure you consider this carefully. You don’t want to be a victim of speed traps and ticket fines when you could have avoided this by pointing the radar straight ahead.

They designed radar detectors to allow users to aim them up or down. You don’t have to do much to point your detector. If stuck, it is wise to seek help or consult an expert on how to point your radar correctly.

Don’t install behind Windshield Blades

One common mistake many new car owners make is to mount radar detectors behind the windshield wiper blades. Windshield, wipers play a significant role in making sure you drive safely from one destination to another. 

These parts are widely used to keep the front and back of the windshield clear. They make sure drivers don’t have to endure obstructed vision when driving.

Dirt, dust, sunlight, and oil contribute to the weakening and damage of windshield wiper blades. Hence, with no time, the blades cannot keep the driver’s view unobstructed or clear. Bad weather may damage wiper blades, particularly if they become brittle and hard.

You should never mount radar detectors behind wiper blades as the metal surfaces can easily affect the device and signals. It is like placing your radar in direct contact with the windshield, as this will reduce critical speed warning time and their efficiency. The blades will easily obstruct the detector’s lens or windows, reducing their performance when you want them working well all day or night.

Don’t Use a Suction Cup

Radar detectors come in many designs, and you should always pick the best in the market. Some designs come with suction cups. When mounting your radar detector, attach the suction cups directly to the windshield.

If poorly installed, they will block your view, and the radar detectors will not serve their purpose on your vehicle. They are also sensitive to temperatures, especially if you live in or travel in cold temperatures. This can tamper with the flexibility of the cups, and you may find it hard to put them up when temperatures change. Some types of suction cups won’t stick as expected, and this can hinder the effectiveness of your radar detector.

Why Location Matters

Mount Radar Detector in the Correct Way

Location is an imperative facet to look at in mounting a radar detector, high or low, and knowing where to mount this device and get the most out of it. Drivers have to take their time and weigh which area and position best suits the need of using a radar detector.

You may have many ideas in mind if it is not your first time using such a device. For example, you can decide to mount on the rearview mirror or the grill of your vehicle as each location has its pros and cons. However, if you are a newbie car owner, stress no more.

There are a few things to hold into consideration as to why you have to mount your radar detector high on the windshield. Have a look:

* Ease of installation

* An ideal mounting location

* Excellent radar levels of performance

* No irritating cables running down your windshield

* Ease of access

* Hiding a device from potential burglars

How to Use a Radar Detector Effectively?

If you are looking forward to enjoying ticket-free driving and driving safely, don’t have any reservations about investing in a radar detector. It is a great device, but you should make sure you mount it properly to use it stress-free. Mounting your radar detector in the right location will also help protect your investment.

At all times, you have to mount your radar detector so that it is not visible to thieves in case you leave the car unattended in the parking garage. Go on and learn how to interpret inefficiencies in the device. Even with this worthwhile device, don’t forget to drive at the recommended speed in your state and stay alert.

To Sum Up

Mounting a radar detector is not a daunting task if you have the necessary ideas at your fingertips. It is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much effort as you need to follow provided instructions.

The location matters, and you have to go for an ideal option, from mounting the radar detector in the windshield, rearview mirror, or any other safe location. If stuck, it is wise to seek professional assistance and mount your radar detector hassle-free.

What Are K Band Radar False Alerts?

What Are K Band Radar False Alarms
What Are K Band Radar False Alarms?

No one is perfect. This applies not just to humans but even to an object like a radar detector. Radar detectors are used to protect drivers from receiving speeding tickets to be aware of police radar waves so that drivers can slow down within the speed limit required. 

Police used radar waves with radar guns to measure the travel speed of your vehicle. There are pros and cons of using radar detectors, and one problem of this detector is when false alerts occur. In this article, you will learn what false alerts, their types, kinds of radar bands are,

What are False Alerts?

False alerts, also known as signal interference, are undesirable phenomena caused by a radar detector coming from different signals and not from a police radar. There are two types of false alerts: moving false alerts and stationary false alerts. These are the number one reason that most people are frustrated with buying low-end radar detectors.

Two Types of False Alerts

Moving False Alerts

These are false alerts coming from moving vehicle safety : that are advanced, such as radar cruise control, auto-pilot, blind-spot monitoring systems, adaptive cruise control, and emergency collision avoidance systems. 

Many typed vehicles have these standard systems because of the manufacturers’ innovation and new cars technology advancement. It is challenging to detect moving false alerts because their signal strengths will change constantly based on car distance and traffic conditions, offending cars, and other factors. 

The worst scenario is that moving false alerts is like law enforcement following you and bringing his radar gun. For more information read: Radar Detector Alerts Meanings

Stationary False Alerts

These are false alerts coming from non-moving locations, typical for the store’s automatic door openers. These false alerts are generally detected with a stable, strong, and continuous radar alert. 

These radar signatures are irritating to some people who live near stationary false alert areas or those who drive on a regular commute wherein they can pass by on these areas. 

A widespread type of these alerts is from orange construction signs with digital messages displayed on them. They usually emit on KA and K band even if you cannot see a radar gun. Another type of stationary false alert comes from installed traffic speed sensor systems used to monitor traffic congestion. These are short-duration false alerts but have high-intensity radar bursts.

Radar Bands

A radar detector uses radio waves which is a form of electromagnetic radiation, to detect distant objects. The waves of the distant objects will bounce off, returning to the detector. There are different radar bands in the radio waves used by the police radar gun, which are used to detect these specific bands. A radar detector must be turned on. 

There will be a beep alert when a detector detects a particular band, and it will alert you with messages K band, X band, or Ka bands. They are like different FM radio stations having different frequencies. In short, a radar detector is looking for those frequencies utilized by the police radar. So when your detectors start to have a beep alert with one of the radar bands, it detects radar waves, and you need to identify the threat and start slowing down visually.

X Band

X band is the oldest police radar band and is not widely used, but in some rural areas, they are still using this type of radar band, especially if they do not have enough funds to upgrade for the newer bands. X band radars are radar waves that have 8.0 GHz to 12 GHz. 

This band is suitable for radar detectors as this can detect frequencies at a longer distance and is less affected even if the weather condition is not good. 

However, radar guns need to have a larger antenna, bulky and frustrating to use. X band can also detect false alerts, but it is rare compared to using a K band. Having an X Band alert means it is certainly not valid if you are driving in a city, but it can be a false alert or a police radar in a rural area, so better watch out.

What Causes K Band Alerts on a Radar Detector?

Most police radar guns are operating at 24.125 GHz and 24.15 GHz. K bands are radar waves that have 18 GHz to 27 GHz. K Bands were being used by the police a couple of decades ago because of ITS HIGH PERFORMANCE AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO X BAND RADAR, which was the first radar band being used. 

The disadvantage with using a K band is that it detects a lot of false alerts. K BAND IS ALSO USED FOR ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATIONS, COMMUNICATION IN SATELLITES AND RADARS. The frequency range in K Band radar has a high resolution, provides short-range and high throughput. 


The other cons of using K band radar is that it is harder for this band to detect at a long-distance than X Band. That is why radar detector drivers have lesser time to react because of this reason. K BAND ALERT ON A POLICE RADAR MEANS YOU NEED TO SLOW DOWN, BUT IT CAN BE A FALSE ALERT. for information read this post: Police Radar Bands Used by State.

KA Bands

These are radar waves that have a frequency of 33.4 GHz to 36.0 GHz. These are the new upgrades of radar bands, best radar, and the most updated band frequencies police operate on. 

Only the best radar detectors can detect Ka-Band as it is the most challenging frequency to detect. Ka-band was introduced in 1983, and it is the most significant and latest law enforcement radar being used. 

Are Ka-Band Detectors Illegal?


It is more complex than the X and K band, as KA band guns can operate on as many as five frequencies. With this kind of band, detecting frequencies at a long distance is the most difficult because it has low power output and a narrow beam pattern. That is why some drivers purchase a detector with a class-leading range to address that concern. So if there is a Ka-Band alert, you must slow down as soon as you can.

What is False Alert Filtering?

False alert filtering is a filtering feature that is most advanced in radar detectors. One of the best solutions in filtering false alerts is by having GPS-enabled radar detectors. These GPS radar detectors have two features which are speed-based muting and lockouts. With this GPS feature, you can create an alert-free zone by ignoring areas with many false alarms. 

GPS also has a unique feature that will filter false alerts based on the vehicle’s travel speed. If you are traveling under 30 mph, you have the option to select a low-speed setting of 30 mph, and the detector will automatically filter K and X radar bands since the two have higher chances of having false alerts. You can also set it to a high speed of 60 mph if you want. 

The radar detector will change alert filtering when you travel between 30 to 60 mph. If over 60 mph, the detector will change at a maximum sensitivity as high travel speeds. Another way to filter false alert radar signals is by having accurate signal analysis from high-end radar detectors. The difference between a cheap radar detector and a new and premium one is how they analyze and filter detected radar signals.

Top and premium radar detectors have special features that will detect which radar is genuine and from law enforcement and which signal is not so that this will not give any false alerts. So, choose and use the right and modern radar detector, have the correct detector setting, and regularly update your detector for you not to be worried about false alerts.

What is a True Alert? How to Stop Them.

TRUE RADAR DETECTOR ALERT happens when there is a police radar gun that is active on the road. This will urgently remind drivers to slow down to avoid having violations. To stop them, immediately slow down and drive at a minimum speed limit. The best thing to avoid true radar alerts is to avoid overspeeding and drive slowly if possible.

Driving too fast can cause road accidents, so better to drive slowly. You need to follow the minimum speed limit being imposed but if you are in a hurry and there is a radar detector installed in your car, understand what the alerts mean to avoid false alerts like K BAND RADAR FALSE ALARMS. Then do immediate action to avoid paying speeding tickets. It is better to be safe always by following those road rules than being sorry and paying for its consequences. Nevertheless, there is nothing to worry about because the suitable premium radar detector will help you.