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Why Does My Radar Detector Go off Randomly?

Why Does My Radar Detector Go off Randomly
Do Radar Detector Go off Randomly?

Radar detectors are small car in-built devices that help in warning drivers of speed. They help them to notice the police presence, especially the ones controlling speed. The drivers can use the device to detect the police ahead and know whether they are using speed detection hardware known as radar guns. The radar guns emit radio waves that your car’s inbuilt device can detect to alert you to adjust your speed. That is very important to the drivers, especially those who enjoy over-speeding. The drivers can slow down when they are approaching the police to avoid getting speed tickets.

Reasons why Radar Detectors Produce False Alerts

There are several reasons why a radar detector may keep going off even when there is no police speed detector gun in the vicinity. The radar guns use different radio frequencies. Sometimes if there is any other object nearby using the same frequency, the possibility is that your radar detector will go off. You often find that these are false alerts, and there may be no police nearby, but the radar thinks it is a speed gun, and it goes off because of the frequency.

You may ask, why does your radar detector go off randomly? It may happen even when there is no police speed detector gun nearby. The answer lies in the fact that many other objects could be using the same frequency K band with the detector. As soon as you approach these places, the most likely thing is that your radar detector will go off. You should also not ignore the fact that your detector could be faulty, and thus, it will be prudent to have it checked if the rate of going off increases. As long as the K band is enabled, detecting frequencies not necessarily from the speed detectors is high.

What Causes False Alerts?
What Causes False Alerts?

What are False Alerts?

Although radar detectors are excellent ways of helping the driver know whether police monitor the speed, they are not always perfect in work. Most of the detectors give false alerts depending on their quality. This happens because most police radar guns share the same K band with several devices. For instance, an automatic door opener and the blind spot detector share the same K band as the police speed detector. For that reason, if you approach places where these other devices are in use, your radar detector may give you a false alert.

However, there are some high quality radar detectors with the ability to filter false alerts. That ensures they only detect the real LIDAR radar guns. At the same time, certain vehicles have advanced safety systems, and they may end up giving you false alerts. For instance, vehicles fitted with auto-pilot or radar cruise control systems are likely to receive these false alerts.

The systems emit what is known as K band radar signals, which confuse the detector. It may think that they are coming from the police speed monitoring guns. That is why it is paramount to use the premium radar detectors to analyze and filter the signals. If you have these advanced systems, you need to make sure you have only the right speed detectors.

K Band Radar
K Band Radar

Explaining K Band Alerts

K-band detectors are the commonly used radar frequency band. It can either be used on moving or stationary vehicles. These detectors are also used in various places like the automatic door openers, mostly in service stations. Also, it is possible to use them on the roadside to warn you of your high speed. And because these K band radars are all over, it is possible to have very many false alerts.

Understanding X Band False Alerts

X Band Radar and False Alerts
X Band Radar and False Alerts

X band radars are still in use on roads for traffic radars, although they are mostly used for supermarket door sensors. They can therefore give drivers false alerts when driving in places where they are in use. However, they cannot be completely ruled out as they can still give correct alerts. That is why you should be careful unless you drive in a territory where the X band is not used locally for speed radar.

Which Radar Detectors Are Prone to False Alerts?

In most cases, the K and X band signals are more prone to be false alerts. The reason is that several other devices use the same frequency as these speed guns. That means they may sense them and confuse with the speed radar detectors. It is therefore advisable to use premium radar detectors so that they can filter the signals. Filtering detectors will know whether the signals are from the police speed detecting radar or not.

Can Automatic Door Openers Give Out False Alerts?

The answer to this question is yes. Most automatic door openers are fitted with K band and X band systems. For that reason, it is possible to get the wrong signal when you pass through places where the systems are in use. For instance, you may get such signals when you are passing near petrol stations. That is because most of the control door openers to the petrol stations use the same systems as the law enforcement speed radar guns. Your radar detector in your car may not differentiate the police speed gun from the petrol station system, and the result may be a false alert. You can only be sure when you pass through areas where you know the X bands are not used for speed detectors.

Can Cruise Control Affect Your Radar Detector?

Radar-based speed detectors are manufactured in a way that makes them independent from other devices. Manufacturers are supposed to adhere to specific conditions and strict licensing to avoid such possible interference. If you detect instances when they interfere with other devices, then the chances are that they are faulty. It is thus advisable to check your radar detector if you think it is having issues.

Also, a sensor may capture signals from another sensor of an oncoming car with its reflections. As a result, it will give either false alerts and information or fails to give it at all. As a result, many technicians focus on making sure that they can notice the detecting interference. They also want to ensure they repair the receiver in the time domain. These days, radar sensor designers are looking for ways of mitigating interference as much as possible.

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Choosing The Best Radar Detector

Are Radar Detectors Useless Now?

Many people regard a radar detector is a bad investment due to the number of false alerts that drivers can experience in a modern built-up environment. However, the issue of false alarms can be alleviated by purchasing a good quality radar detector that is fully integrated with live apps and mobile technology.

Do Radar Detectors go Bad?

False filtering can be mitigated with a top of range detectors. One of the first things to bear in mind is that radar detectors are designed primarily to be radar detectors and not police detectors. There may be a 

a number of scenarios in which a radar detector can not alert you.

Firstly, law enforcement may not be utilizing a laser Gun to detect speeding traffic.

Law enforcement is not always running radar and maybe fulfilling other tasks at the side of the road.

Other reasons include that the standard laser gun used by law enforcement when monitoring traffic at the side may be in stand by mode. Even if a laser gun is powered on, it is not instantly discovered by your radar detector. It will only alert the driver of a vehicle when it has been triggered, and this can often be too late.

Often law enforcement will employ a laser to detect speeding traffic from the edge of the road. Radar detectors will not alert you to an officer who is using a laser gun.

8 Features to Look for When Choosing the Best Radar Detector for Your Needs

How to Choose the Best Radar Detector for Your Needs
Choosing the Best Radar Detector

Having a radar detector in your car allows you to drive with confidence. It’s a device that provides a sense of freedom so that you can relax without having to pay attention to your speedometer every second that you’re on the road.

Technology has made huge advancements in radar detectors in recent years, making them more powerful and effective than ever. And yet they still provide the same basic functionality you’ve come to know and trust.

When looking for the best radar detector to meet your needs, there are a number of factors you need to consider. After all, not every radar detector is designed the same. Let’s take a look at a few features you need to be aware of when you decide it’s time to buy.

8 Features For Choosing the Best Radar Detector for You

If you’re going to use a radar detector, you want one that works well. Here are 8 features to look for when choosing the best radar detector for your needs.

1. Highway Mode and City Mode

When you look for a good police radar detector, it should have more than one mode. With most detectors on the market, highway mode is the default setting. This has to do with the sensitivity of the radar. If you aren’t able to reduce the sensitivity, you’re going to get far more false alerts than a device that also has city mode.

City mode reduces the range of sensitivity in order to cut down on false alerts. This might not sound like a big deal, but just wait until you’re getting alerts for every parked car and road sign you pass.

Buying one that features both modes will make your life much easier.

2. Radar Detectors Featuring GPS

Having a radar detector with built-in GPS is an advantage for a number of reasons. One of the primary reasons to want GPS in your device is so it can be programmed to remember areas you’ve driven past, and then alert you the next time you approach the same area.

GPS is also able to communicate with the satellite to know when there is a sudden drop in the speed limit, giving you the heads-up to slow down. Or it can be programmed to remember speed traps or areas that have traffic cameras.

Another nice feature of a GPS is that it can automatically decide when to switch between highway mode and city mode without you having to make the switch manually. This might not sound like a big deal, but it’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about while driving.

3. Types of Laser Detection

If you purchase a basic detector with one laser that simply detects laser beams in front of you, it’s not covering your back or sides. This is why you want a 360-degree laser. These detectors utilize 360-degree laser detection to look for laser pulses coming from all directions.

It really makes sense to own one of these because you never know which direction the laser will be coming from.

Yes, these models will certainly cost you more, but they tend to be more reliable and you are much less likely to get pulled over.

4. Visual and Voice Alerts

Owning a detector that features both visual and voice alerts can come in handy. The voice alert will tell you what it picks up, which is great because you never have to take your eyes off the road.

But a visual alert, like a flashing or pulsing light, quietly lets you know what is detected, which helps if you have children in the car or there are sleeping passengers.

5. Smartphone Compatibility

It seems that there are fewer and fewer areas of life that aren’t somehow integrated with our smartphones. This includes the top radar detectors.

There are currently apps available for iOS and Android that allow radar detectors to interact with your smartphone. Thus you can easily share speed enforcement areas with other drivers in the vicinity.

This can be a great feature, allowing you to communicate with family and friends who frequently travel in the same areas.

6. VG-2 Technology

VG-2 is a type of RDD technology formerly used by police to pick up oscillations on a single frequency band. This is an older standard technology that has been mostly phased out.

7. Spectre Technology

More sophisticated that VG-2, Spectre is another type of RDD technology that has proven to be significantly more difficult to circumvent.

Spectre operates on several bands and thus is able to pick up more emissions from a radar detector. It’s possible to find a few radar detectors on the market with the ability to evade Spectre, but only a handful. And Spectre keeps evolving, making it all but impossible to beat.

8. VG-2/Spectre Shielding Technology

Some detectors warn you that a radar has been detected, and then automatically shut down to avoid discovery. While other, more costly detectors, offer invisibility protection by shielding you from both VG-2 and Spectre, while continuing to operate without being discovered.

Keep in mind that if you want this level of protection from your radar detector, be prepared to pay for it. After all, this kind of technology doesn’t come cheap.

Also be aware that radar detectors are not legal in every area, so being invisible is very important and might just save you from a costly ticket.

Choosing the Features You Need

Radar detectors can be a great tool for keeping you out of trouble. Most people are in a hurry, rushing around to get from one place to another, and can use all the help they can get to make life move just a little faster.

The best radar detector on the market won’t be cheap, but neither is paying an expensive speeding ticket.

Using a radar detector is no guarantee that you won’t get pulled over, yet it’s still a great way for a heads-up that a speed trap is nearby. So always use it responsibly and be alert.

Click here to see the best radar detector under $100.

Cobra Radar Detector Alert Meanings

Cobra radar detector alert meanings
Cobra Radar Detector Alert Meanings

If you are looking to protect yourself against speed traps and unnecessary fines, one of the most helpful gadgets that you can buy is that of a radar detector. Amongst the most reputable brands of radar detector are Cobra. Once you order a Cobra radar detector, you find that some simple signals come up on the screen. To guarantee that you know what’s going on when driving, you’ll want to examine what the different cobra radar detector alert meanings are. With all radar detectors, you get various sequences and meanings.


With Cobra, you’ll have a standard set of options that you need to know within a glance. Outlining the different alerts and help you understand radar detector alert meanings and how to differentiate between different warnings. With that in mind, let’s explain what to look for, and what each element means. If you are looking for more detailed information, please read my post, Cobra radar detector reviews.


Exploring Radar Detector Alerts

For some of us, the notion of understanding radar alerts starts with K band. However, if you only look at what does K band mean on police radar, you are only focusing on 1 aspect. That’s right, and this is only one element of the larger picture. You could always investigate, what all laser alerts mean on a radar detector. The following post will help develop your understanding of Cobra radar detector alert meanings. There are 5 things that you need to know about these alerts, and the explanations are as follows. For further information about the radar bands used in your state, please visit my article, police radar bands used by state.

The X Band 

The first significant element that you need to know amidst radar detector codes is that of the X band. This band is one of the oldest frequencies that you’ll find still used today. The X band is a false alert element that often, some states use this more than others, including Ohio, New Jersey, and North Carolina. The X band is the same band that is used by automatic doors, so false alerts are known to happen here.


The K Band

For those that have used detectors, knowing what does K band means on a radar detector, is essential. K band technology was introduced only a few years back. It’s a system that is used in many modern radar detectors that can alert you fast; it can, however, give out false alerts. The K Band frequency was once used extensively by law enforcement. By 2018, it is used less and less, so you may not get a hit with this, but it still happens.

The Ka Band

This frequency shows up because police radar guns use this frequency a lot. Many detectors have a hard time finding this band, and thus law enforcement uses this often. It’s an attractive little option, and it’s something that is like the K band, except it’s difficult to detect. Police radars often cycle between X, K, and Ka, but tend to stick to Ka more often than not. If you see the Ka alert, slow down immediately, there’s a low chance of a false alert in this option.

The POP Band

A unique radar detector code. The Pop band is one of the more significant options that police officers use with their guns. It’s a band that requires specific changeover. POP mode drops the strength of other codes and focuses on police officer radar guns that are newer. Older options do not have this option on it. Pop band detects radars that use the POP code, but it can be hit or miss many times.

The Stealth Mode (V)

The last major element is that of V or stealth mode. An alert that works well enough, and it’s meant to help police radar that uses what is known as VG-2 devices. Stealth mode helps police officers detect drivers that have radar detectors. Some areas do not allow detectors, and jammers are illegal. So if you see this alert light up, then you know immediately that you have been detected. Additionally, the police now know you have a radar detector.

Learn the Codes 

Understanding what K band means on the radar detector and learning what Cobra radar detector alert meanings matter a great deal. Learning the various codes is essential because this only works if you know what you’re being alerted. Learn the codes and what they mean, and you’ll be able to use your radar detector with precision.

For the latest news and updates relating to radar detectors,  visit amazon to view the latest long range radar detectors.


6 Reasons Why Radar Detectors Are a Wise Investment

Why Radar Detectors Are a Wise Investment
Why Radar Detectors Are a Wise Investment

Are radar detectors still worth it in the modern world? Our sources say yes.

Radar detectors were first made widely available in the late 1960s. Although some earlier designs existed, this version was the first one that really worked. The inventor, Dale Smith, wanted to use his electronics knowledge to avoid unfair speeding tickets.

Radar-revolutionary on the glass of the car, Car Radar Detector, Speed sensor.

Soon, people started to catch onto the benefits of radar detectors, and they’ve been helping drivers ever since. Do radar detectors really work, and are radar detectors worth it in the modern-day? We’ve got the answers to your radar detector questions — keep reading to learn more.

What are Radar Detectors?

In short, radar detectors provide drivers with an electronic way to tell if police are checking their speed with a radar gun.

The goal of a radar detector is to let you slow down before the police can tell that you’re speeding. Needless to say, the police have tried to invent ways to make radar detectors useless. But radar detector technology has also advanced to keep up with police technology. 

How Radar Detectors Work

It’s easy to understand what a radar detector is meant to do. But even if you’ve used one before, you might not understand just how they work. Let’s take a deeper look.

Most police radars can track both your speed and your distance, using radio waves. Radar detectors find radars by detecting the radio waves that they send out.

In that way, radar detectors are actually just a type of radio receiver: they take in the waves that the radar puts out, letting you know there’s a radar nearby. However, the exact detection mechanism depends on the type of radar police are using.

For example, today’s police forces often use laser speed guns, rather than traditional radar guns. Laser detectors work differently than radar detectors, but they both have the same goal.

To work well, radar detectors need to pick up the radio signal while the police are still far away. This means that they can’t work every time. If the police are already targeting you, they probably have the information they need to give you a ticket. But if they’re just keeping the radar running, you can often slow down before they catch you. 

Newer, fancier types of detectors can even help scramble the signal the radar gives, to make you even harder to track. However, these devices are illegal in many places. 

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Are Radar Detectors Worth It?

Wondering if a radar detector is right for you? Let’s take a look at all the reasons why a radar detector can still be worthwhile in spite of modern police technology.

1. They’re Legal

First and foremost, let’s clear up one of the most common misconceptions about radar detectors.

Many people think they’re illegal. While radar jammers and things that interfere with police tech aren’t legal, detectors are legal in almost every state. The only two places you can’t use radar detectors are all are Virginia and Washington D.C.

Of course, there are still some restrictions on the use of detectors. For example, they’re typically not legal in commercial vehicles. However, in personal vehicles, they’re usually allowed, and cops can’t legally confiscate them.

2. They Reduce Tickets

The most obvious benefit of a radar detector is that they help you avoid speeding tickets.

Sure, they may not work every single time. But avoiding some tickets is still better than avoiding none of them.

When police use radar, they’re basically casting a net in which to catch speeders. With a detector, you can almost always see the “net” before you run into it. Their radars usually reach farther out than they can see, so it’s not likely that a cop will be targeting you specifically until you get closer. And by that time, you’ll already have reduced your speed.

3. They Work in All Weather

Another common radar detector misconception is that bad weather causes them not to work.

However, radio waves can penetrate all kinds of weather conditions. As long as the radio waves get through, your detector will still work. Rain, storm, or shine, you’ll be getting fewer speeding tickets.

4. They Can Give Warnings

Contrary to popular belief, radar detectors don’t make people drive faster. In fact, some versions will give you a warning when you exceed a certain speed. This can actually help you keep an eye on your speed and slow down when you need to.

5. They Improve Safety

When people see a police car on the side of the road, their first instinct is often to brake reactively. However, this can cause accidents by creating a sudden change that other drivers weren’t prepared for.

A radar detector will prepare you for the police presence before you see the cop car. That way, you won’t make any sudden movements that could put you or other drivers in danger. 

6. They’ll Save You Money

Unfortunately, inexpensive, low-end radar detectors just don’t work well. You’ll need to spend quite a bit to get a good one. However, consider it an investment: you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run. 

Speeding tickets can add up fast. They often come with expensive repercussions, like points on your license. And the more tickets you get, the more costly they tend to be. When you compare the cost of a radar detector to the cost of even just a few tickets, the right choice becomes clear. 

Where Can You Buy Radar Detectors?

Radar detectors aren’t secretive, black-market items. They’re perfectly legal tools that can help you stay safe and avoid tickets when you drive. If you drive regularly or make long trips, a radar detector should be a regular installation in your car.

Not sure where to find a radar detector? Check out our buying guide to learn where to look.

How Radar Detectors Work to Help You Avoid Speeding Tickets

You’re driving along, enjoying the sunny weather and open road. You look in your rearview mirror and there they are.

Those dreaded red and blue lights. Nothing ruins your day faster than a speeding ticket.

About 41 million tickets get handed out each year. That is 100,000 people each day whose day gets ruined.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Buying a radar detector can help alert and protect you.

how radar detectors work

how radar detectors work

Before you buy one though, you need to understand how radar detectors work. Use our guide to understand what to look for in your next radar detector.

How Does Police Radar Work?

Police radar detectors use Doppler technology to determine the velocity or speed of your vehicle. The radar  is targeted at moving vehicles and a beam is activated.

As the vehicles move away from the radar gun, the radar waves get progressively longer. If the vehicle moves towards the radar gun, each wave gets shorter than the previous.

The change in wavelength is a calculation of the vehicle’s speed. Radar detectors then need to warn you of these waves or interfere with them.

Their Downfall

The problem with this method of speed detection is that the radar waves are not pinpointed. When they get sent out they go in many directions.

If there are many cars coming down the road it is difficult to get an accurate reading on one car. This accuracy gets even worse the further the cars are away from the police officer.

How Police Lasers Work

Laser speed detection equipment use an infrared light to point at your specific vehicle. The vehicles around the targeted car wouldn’t detect the laser light.

Laser detection is a vast improvement on radar devices. Driver’s get very little to no warning that their speed is getting measured.

Often radar detectors today won’t pick up on the radar at all. If they do pick up on the laser, it is too late. You now have a warning you will be receiving a ticket.

A police officer will hold the gun up to his face and aim the laser at a reflective spot on a moving car. Then the gun will fire about 200 pulses per second at the car.

It needs about 60 of those pulses returned to get an accurate measurement of the vehicle’s speed. These readings should be a progressive reading of distances such as 100 feet, 95 feet, 90 feet.

What Is a Radar Detector?

These small devices in a vehicle alert you when police are monitoring your speed. Not all radar detectors work the same and not all will alert you to every police speed detection device.

How Radar Detectors Work

Radar detectors alert you to the police radar guns that work on K, X, and Ka-Band radar wavebands.

X Radar Waves

This is the oldest radar technology operating on 10.5ghz. Most urban police departments no longer use X radar.

If you live in a more rural area you will be more likely to find X band getting used. It doesn’t get affected by bad weather, but it is also very easy to detect at far distances.

K Radar Waves

This radar technology was an improvement upon X radar. Police operate on this band between the frequencies of 24.125 and 24.15ghz.

It shortened the distance it can get detected at by radar detectors. Most modern detectors have compensated for this though.

Unfortunately, you can expect a lot of false alerts with this type of radar detection. Other devices like automatic doors also use this frequency. Drive down a street with a lot of gas stations and you’ll get tired of the alerting.

Ka-Band Waves

The Ka-Band radar has increased complexity making it better than its predecessors. X and K band operate on one frequency. Ka-Band uses up to 5.

It has the shortest distance for detection. It also has a very low rate of false starts.

A quality modern radar detector will give you protection against this radar. Older or lower quality detectors might fail you in altering though.

Superheterodyne Receiver

The radar detector in your vehicle uses electromagnetic emissions to detect the radar waves. When radar waves get sent out from the police’s device it creates a certain amount of electricity in the air.

The radar detector in your car works like a radio antenna by receiving this energy in the radar wavelengths. It then uses this energy to convert it into an alert for you.

Useless Against Lasers

You will notice that radar detectors have laser detection abilities. They alert you, but at that point, the laser is already on you and detecting your speed.

It is too late to reduce speed or do anything. If you installed your radar detector in your windshield it may not ever pick up the laser at all.

What About Jammers?

Using a jammer is a way of fighting back against the detector. Instead of simply detecting the signal and alerting you, it sends out its own signal.

Laser Jammer

A laser jammer will send its own laser pulse back with nonsensical readings. So now the police gun will read 100 feet, 300 feet, 25 feet, 96 feet.

The police gun won’t understand this and won’t be able to create a speed reading. It will continue to fire trying to get data that it understands.

You will need to slow down, turn off the jammer, and allow the police to read your speed. If you don’t do this, you alert the police to the use of your jammer.

Equip and Protect Yourself

Now that you know how radar detectors work, you can read radar detector reviews with purpose. This will help you find the detector that suits your needs.

For the most coverage, you will want to be able to detect all types of radar. Just know that you may get some false alarms from the K band detection.

You now know that while laser detection is helpful, it can’t fully protect you. You’ll want to look for a jammer to protect yourself from laser speed detection.

Use our best radar detector in 2018 buying guide to help you decide.

Cobra Radar Detector Reviews

A Cobra radar detector can offer real benefits and here’s why. There’s nothing fun about getting slapped with a speeding ticket – especially if you only fell into any one of the numerous “speed traps” police departments all over the US put up to meet their monthly quotas.

We’re not saying that the police are out to get you – even if you have a candy apple red Corvette or other sports car that just flat-out looks fast. We’ve all had to deal with a speeding ticket that was more than a little bit unfair at one point or another, and we’ve all had to pay a premium (not just the fine for that ticket, but increases to our insurance premiums as well) after we were pulled over.

Thankfully though, a cobra radar detector is going to slam the brakes on the police pulling you over for speeding in the future, provided you get your hands on the right one to protect yourself, your rights as a driver, and your bank account moving forward. 

Dive a little bit deeper into these cobra radar detector reviews and you’ll find out exactly which one is best suited for your specific needs!

What makes Cobra radar detectors better than other options?

Cobra started off as a manufacturer of CB radios more than 50 years ago but today they are best known for making some of the very best radar detectors available anywhere. This is a company that has always pushed forward with innovative new solutions, releasing major upgrades to the radar detector lineup on an annual basis while making the most of every new technology that could improve the consistency of the radar systems they produce.

Drivers in Virginia, Washington DC, and those that are going to be doing any driving on US military installations are not legally able to take advantage of these radar systems – but drivers everywhere else in the United States can make good use of them, protecting themselves and their bank account when they are behind the wheel.

The consistency of the results produced by cobra radar detector is the number one thing that helps to separate them from the rest of the pack.

Utilizing advanced technology (across a wide variety of different radar spectrum’s, including ALL of the spectrum’s used by police forces throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and the rest of the world), these radar detectors are able to recognize and intercept radar signals – giving you plenty of notice and warning that the police are out and looking to enforce strict speeding rules and regulations.

Other radar detector options on the market today provide these same kinds of protections against different radar spectrums, but NONE of them have a reputation for producing results as consistently and as reliably as Cobra can.

Accuracy is another standout feature that separates cobra from all other radar detectors.

After all, a radar detector is not all that useful if it cannot tell you that the radar gun used by a police force is out in front of you, alongside you, or already behind you by the time the laser starts to shoot your license plate and your vehicle. 

You need plenty of advance notification to know that a radar signal is in use, but you also need to know where that radar signal is so that you can take the necessary actions behind the wheel while staying safe at the same time.

Cobra radar detectors are incredibly versatile, too.

Many of the radar detectors from Cobra take advantage of GPS and Blue tooth technology, interfacing directly with your smart phone or your mobile device and your mobile data plan to contribute information about radar detector signal to anyone else using the same mobile applications.

In this way, you’re able to create a network of detection solutions with all of the other drivers on the open road in your local area running Cobra radar detectors. Anything they detect will be passed along to your mobile device and your radar detector unit, and anything you detect will be passed along to other drivers, too.

It really doesn’t get much better than that!

What are the specific features that separate a cobra radar detector from the rest of the pack?

Right out of the gate, you need to make sure that the radar detector you are investing in has the capabilities of detecting ALL of the different radar frequencies police forces throughout the world use – including each of the X-, K-, Ka-, and even the new KU-  groups.

Cobra radar detectors are able to pick up all of the X-, K-, Ka-, and even the new KU-  groups with no difficulty whatsoever, but can also utilize advanced filtering technology to make sure that you aren’t picking up false positives from other radar frequencies similar to the X-, K-, Ka-, and even the new KU-  groups that have nothing to do with speed traps or police radar guns.

The active searching features of these radar detectors are another standout piece of technology that puts them head and shoulders above the competition.

Police radar guns emit a low-level signal no matter what, and those radar detectors that have active searching features are going to be on the lookout for that low-level signal – alerting you to the fact that a radar gun is in use somewhere, even if it isn’t actively “triggering” on traffic at that particular point in time.

This feature really lets you see around corners, so to speak, in a way that many of the other non-active searching radar detectors on the market today cannot. You don’t have to worry about a police officer springing a speed trap on you, triggering the radar gun at the last possible minute, and avoiding detection from your cobra set up with this kind of technology built right in.

Most all of the features that allow you to avoid radar detection are active and hands-free, though you will have the opportunity to flip through a handful of built-in control directly on the device – large buttons that can be manipulated without you having to take your eyes off the road or your command hand off the steering wheel – should you need to dial your radar detector in.

The user interface and LED readout system on all of these radar detectors is second to none. It provides you with detailed information about the radar system it is recognizing, including location details and signal strength, the information allows you to drive a lot more confidently than you might have been able to before.

Highlighting some of the best Cobra Radar Detector options on the market today

At the end of the day, there are a number of different radar detectors available to pick and choose from when you’re looking for a cobra – but the ones that we highlight below are considered by many to be the very best of the bunch and worthy of your serious consideration.

Cobra RAD 450

One of the most affordable of all the different radar detectors from cobra, you really can’t go wrong when you choose to protect yourself and your vehicle with the Cobra RAD 450 Laser Radar Detector: Long Range, False Alert Filter, Voice Alert & OLED Display

Featuring advanced Anti-False Reporting circuitry as well as upgradable and updatable technology filters, the Cobra RAD 450 can protect you from false alerts, false positives, as well as help you better protect your “blind spot” with this particular radar detector.

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Preprogrammed for English and Spanish users, that the Cobra RAD 450 is ready to rock ‘n roll right out of the box – providing you both voice and text alerts that you will be able to immediately recognize while you are driving down the road.

The Cobra RAD 450 also utilizes the Instant On and Ready technology cobra has pioneered. This turns your radar detector on the moment that you turn your vehicle on, and it keeps the radar detection system running as long as your vehicle is.

Cobra ESD 7570

Another great option for those looking to protect themselves from predatory speed traps, the Cobra ESD 7570 is designed to provide you with the ultimate in radar detection capabilities without blowing up your budget along the way. COBRA ESD-9275 Digital 9 Band Laser Radar Detector w/ Safety Alert & LaserEye

Consistent, reliable, and proven over years and years of actual use by millions of drivers all over the world, the Cobra ESD 7570 is the workhorse of the cobra radar detector company – and it’s easy to see why.

It utilizes Specter undetectable radar detection modules that allow it to invisibly find radar signals that police departments are actively trying to hide from exactly these kinds of devices. It also provides complete immunity from the detection of VG-2 radar detecting detectors, the kinds of devices used by police forces to actively search out drivers that are using radar systems like this one.

Laser Eye 360° protection is built right into the Cobra ESD 7570, providing you with a zero blind spot on the umbrella of detection that helps you find radar guns wherever they may be located while you are driving down the road.

Cobra SPX 5500 Review

Cobra SPX 5500

Cobra SPX 5500

It’s absolutely impossible to find a better radar detector anywhere on the market today at a sub $100 price point than the Cobra SPX 5500.

Value is the name of the game when it comes to this particular radar detection system, but the folks at cobra radar detection do not cut corners to cut costs. This utilizes the same Laser Eye 360° radar detection module that many of the more expensive radar detectors from this company use, as well as Local Oscillator Transistor technology that finds active and passive signals, boosts their signal all on its own, and allows for improved accuracy of detection – all while you are driving down the road.

Cobra SPX 5500

Cobra SPX 5500

A powerful CPU module in the Cobra SPX 5500 guarantees that this radar detector is able to scan the ENTIRE police radar spectrum inside of 240 ms, giving you the instant information you need to know when there is a speed trap up ahead.

Cobra SPX 6600 Review

One of the top of the line cobra radar detector options on the market right now, you really can’t go wrong when you choose to leverage the power and efficiency of the Cobra SPX 6600.

Cobra SPX 6600

Cobra SPX 6600

Not only does the Cobra SPX 6600 read every single radar laser technology used by police departments all over the world, but it also takes advantage of active and passive detection systems that allow you to uncover speed traps that are sprung at the very last second – giving plenty of time to adjust your speed and driving habits to avoid costly tickets along the way.

About as close to “set it and forget it” as you are going to get right out of the box, there may not be a better radar detector for the money than this particular unit. Consistent, reliable, and trustworthy, you just can’t go wrong when you choose to protect yourself with the Cobra SPX 6600.

Cobra SPX 6700 Review

The upgraded model from the cobra radar detector we highlighted above, this particular unit is more powerful, more compact, and even easier to use than the 6600 was.

Cobra SPX 6700

Cobra SPX 6700

The Cobra SPX 6700 includes a one inch white OLED display for instant recognition of where detected radar is coming from, but it also includes voice alerts and text alerts to your phone that work in conjunction with this visual alert system. You’ll have absolutely no worries whatsoever about missing out any radar signals that are caught by the Cobra SPX 6700.

Signal strength detection systems are built right in for every radar module used by police departments around the world. You’ll also be able to utilize the passive detection system that finds radar that works “spontaneously”, giving you a perfect bubble of 360° protection rather than forcing you to deal with blind spots from radar traps that spring up seemingly out of nowhere.

Is the Cobra XRS 9370 really a great investment?

While not the most expensive of all the different radar options made by the folks at cobra, the relatively inexpensive price point of the Cobra XRS 9370 makes some people a little bit nervous about pulling the trigger on this radar detector and depending on it around-the-clock every time they slide behind the wheel.

Can a sub $100 radar detection system like the Cobra radar detector actually provide you with the complete and total protection you need when you are driving today?

You bet it can!

New and advanced sweep circuitry allows this radar detector from cobra to actively monitor ALL police radar frequency spectrums inside of 240 ms, and do so at extended ranges compared to any other sub $100 radar detector on the market today.

This system can also detect POP radar modules that spring a radar signal on you spontaneously as you pass by, giving you plenty of advanced notification that these kinds of radars are in use – and keeping you from getting a ticket because of it.

The KU band detection currently being used predominantly in Europe (and slated for use in the United States in the near future) can also be picked up by the Cobra XRS 9370. This makes this an expensive radar detector from cobra one of the most “future proof” options money can buy.