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Uniden R1 Vs Uniden R3: The Best Long Range Radar Detectors

In this article you will find an in-depth review of  the Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 radar laser detectors.

You will also find a detailed comparison of  two of the best value radar detectors currently on the market. 

Uniden R1 and R3 Radar Laser Detectors

Uniden is a well-known and reputable manufacturer of electronic radar devices. The Uniden R1 and Uniden R3 are some of the best value detectors in Uniden’s current line up. Cited as having the longest range of  any radar detectors currently available. They were also named as the best radar detectors in 2017.

All the features they offer compare with more expensive top radar detectors currently available. Considering they are one of the most reasonably priced and reliable radar detectors – it shows how much value they can offer.

Uniden R1 R3 Radar detector review


The Uniden R1  includes a highly effective BSM filtration system. This is usable on K-band radar detectors and is stealth to other devices. The Uniden R3 is basically the same version of the Uniden R1 radar detector. However, integrated GPS Improves the R3’s ability to detect radar encompassing the whole 360 degrees around the driver.

I would highly recommend the Uniden R1 if you’re looking for a radar detector that will help you avoid speeding tickets and  speeding traps  on the open highways and anywhere where the roads are straight.

However, I would recommend the Uniden R3 if you frequently drive  in congested urban traffic.  Places such as towns and larger metropolitan cities, where the extra protection against false alarms are necessary.

The Uniden R3 integrated GPS has enhanced its range and ability  to detect radar 360 degrees around the whole of your vehicle . Uniden R3 will also protect against  red light cameras, so it’s more of a radar laser detector for people who often drive in urban areas.

Performance wise, after many tests, we have concluded that Uniden R1 and R3 are one of the best long-distance radar detectors. They can definitely spot a radar of any band from a long distance, giving you a lot of time for response.

In my opinion, the range is one of the most important features to look out for when you’re purchasing radar laser detectors. That’s why I feel comfortable recommending both Uniden R1 and R3 to anyone who’s looking for a long-distance protection that will help them avoid speeding tickets and help them save some money.

There’s really no need to purchase a more expensive radar laser detectors, as both these devices offer everything you need in order to stay safe on the road.

False alerting on both the Uniden R1 and R3 has been set to minimum. The  Uniden R1 has BSM filtering which helps prevent the false alerts by things such as the automatic breaking of cars close to you. Uniden is also constantly working on updating the firmware of both radar detectors to filter out even more false alerts.

On the other hand, Uniden R3 radar detectors have built-in GPS which we mentioned before, and it’s helping to filter false calls in more urban areas. Since radar detectors can pick up signals from simple devices such as automatic door openers, Uniden did a really good job of filtering out most of the false alerts.

The low speed muting feature is available on both radar detectors, and it’s a feature that saves a lot of time for the driver. If you don’t want to press a mute button every time your radar detector goes off, especially when you’re in traffic, low speed muting will keep it quiet without bothering you at all.


As mentioned before, Uniden is working on constantly updating the firmware of their radar detectors, and I would recommend you stay away from radar detector that doesn’t have updatable firmware. They’re one of the most critical parts of every radar laser.

The firmware’s goal is to update the bugs, adjust the radar detector to the customer’s feedback, add new features to improve the radar detector, and fixing problems. They’re usually very easy to download from Uniden’s official site and are updateable through Windows computer and USB cable.

Installation of both Uniden R1 and R3 radar detectors is very simple and straightforward. They’re usable from the moment you take them out of the box. They’re also very customizable to everyone’s taste such as changing some features of the keys, ability to set up to change between city and highway mode without having to go to menu, and more simple things.

The design of both Uniden radar detectors is very similar, and you could easily mistake R1 for R3 model. They both feature blue color OLED displays. The most important buttons are located on the top and on the front of both models. Those buttons include power, volume up and down, menu, mute/dim and mark button.

Important Features to Look Out For

When you’re choosing the right radar detector, it’s important to get it right. Especially if you’re investing in your first radar detector.

In order to assure yourself that your future radar detector is going to be reliable and efficient, you’ll have to be aware of a number of  things.

It’s very important to understand the basics of your radar detector. That way, you will be able to find get the most valuable radar detector for the price you pay, without being disappointed in the end.

  • Manufacturer
  • Range
  • Sensitivity
  • Display
  • Filtration
  • Advantages
  • Firmware
  • Installation
  • Budget

The manufacturer isn’t only important, so you can show off later. It’s important because most trustable brands will most likely have the most reliable radar detectors. They will also offer full support, including firmware updates for their radar detectors. You can’t go wrong by going for a popular and well-known brand in the world of radar detectors.

In this case, Uniden is a really popular and well-known brand with one of the best products in their line-up. They also offer great customer support and service to their customers. Whether you choose Uniden R1 or R3 model, you can’t go wrong.

A range is one of the most important features to look out for. I’d recommend you look for radars that are long distance radar detectors. Because, what’s the purpose of a quality radar detector if it won’t notify you on the time of the radar controls ahead of you, right?

Both Uniden radar detectors reviewed in this model are one of the best long-distance radar detectors, and that’s definitely a big plus.

Sensitivity matters as well. While you want a radar detector of high sensitivity, that doesn’t mean that you want a radar which will pick up all false signals. You are looking for a radar detector that’s can easily spot radars of any band on a long distance.

Uniden radar detectors are super sensitive to radars of any band yet won’t annoy you with false alerts.

A display should be easy to read, and I would recommend you go for OLED displays whenever you get a chance. You will be able to see well in the dark, but also during the shiniest times. You don’t want your radar detector to distract you a lot. You want to be able to quickly read the information on the screen.

Both Uniden radar detectors have OLED display where the background blue color perfectly matches the black text and bars on the screen, creating the easiest way to quickly read the information.

Uniden R 3 Long Range Radar Detector

Uniden R 3 Long Range Radar Detector

Filtration is just as  important as the range. Filtration will prevent false alerts occuring when other signals are in your range. If filtration isn’t in place, your radar detector may emitt false alerts, for example, on other vehicle systems.

Uniden radar detectors have filtration system which is getting updated constantly through the firmware. Therefore, problems, bugs, and any false alerts are being minimized.

The advantage is something every radar detector has. However, every radar detector will have a different kind of advantage. You will have to look out for the details in the top radar detectors to find the one with advantages suitable for your use. Another type of advantage could be voice feature.

For example, Uniden R3 radar detector has GPS which provide 360 degrees protection even when driving in urban areas.

Firmware is the brain of the radar detectors. It’s important that it gets updated regularly, as it will remove the problems, bugs, improve sensitivity and filtration. I would recommend you to never purchase a radar detector that doesn’t get firmware updates at all. It’s not hard to install firmware updates. All you have to have is Windows OS computer and USB cable.

Uniden is constantly improving their radar detectors, listening to the feedback of their users, and upgrading and improving radar detectors. That’s why I would highly recommend Uniden to anyone who’s looking out for affordable radar detector which is reliable and efficient.

Installation depends on whether you will install your radar detector yourself, or you will hire a professional to install it for you. If you are looking to install it by yourself, make sure that the radar detector you purchase comes with a clear instruction and guide manual.

Uniden radar detectors are ready once you get them out of the box, and they’re easy to install. You will also get everything necessary to install it in your vehicle.

Budget is the last but not the least important thing to consider. You don’t want to break your bank when purchasing radar detector, no matter how many tickets it will save you from.

Uniden prices their products very reasonably, considering all the features and value it provides, including the full support, firmware upgrades, and customer service. You won’t definitely break your budget by going for any of the Uniden radar detectors.


  • Best radar detector range on the market
  • High sensitivity
  • Amazing filtration
  • Updateable firmware
  • OLED display
  • Easy Installation
  • Reasonable price
  • Brilliant customer service


  • There’s no ability to adjust the background color on the display

What Others Think 

Uniden R1 and R3 radar detectors got almost all positive feedback from users.

They’re really impressed with the range and sensitivity of Uniden R1 radar detector. People also seem to love the GPS in upgraded model Uniden R3 radar detector.

Knowing that with GPS inside the radar detector you can be protected from all sides, it puts your mind at ease.

As useful radar detectors are on speed roads and highways, they should be useful in cities and urban areas. That’s why Uniden made R3 radar detector which is suitable to meet both needs.

People also love the updatable firmware, which means that once you purchase the Uniden R1 or R3 radar detector, support doesn’t stop there. Also, people have only good words for contacting Uniden customer service support.

Purchasing Tips

It’s fine to get yourself a radar detector. It’s not a bad thing to love driving a little bit faster, if you’re driving safely and not putting anyone else in danger.

You should consider radar detector as an investment you will make, which will save you from getting speeding tickets in the future.

Whether you go for Uniden R1 or R3 radar detector, you won’t be disappointed. They’re both top class radar detectors, and the distance range they can achieve is truly amazing.

These radar detectors can be easily compared with other more expensive models and would still provide great results. Therefore, Uniden radar detectors provide huge value for the price they cost, and I would highly recommend anyone who’s looking to purchase a radar detector to consider any of these two models.


Escort iX Vs Escort Max 360: Never Pay A Speeding Ticket Again

Radar detectors are devices designed to alert drivers to police speed traps and traffic lights with cameras. 112,000 speeding tickets are fined every day in America, often in speed traps.

Speed traps are unfair road constructions where the legal speed limit precariously drops in a short distance.

These traps don’t ensure driver safety; rather, they are purely designed to “catch” speeders to charge fines, which often fund municipal governments.

Since enforcing this law directly brings revenue to officers’ employers, the goal of charging fines to speeders becomes ridiculously prioritized over the goal of enforcing laws against serious crimes.

All in all, traffic laws in the United States do nothing to keep our streets safer. Municipal traffic laws are often unjust and unjustly enforced.

However, it is legal in every state but Virginia for citizens to protect themselves from this injustice and government monitoring by purchasing radar detectors. This post is to help you compare two popular models.

Escort iX Radar Detector

The Escort iX is a long-range radar laser detector. It responds to detection quickly, alerting the driver with flashing lights and alarms practically the moment it senses the radar signals that indicate the road is being monitored by traffic police. ESCORT IX – Laser Radar Detector, Auto Learn Protection, Extreme Long-Range, Bluetooth, Voice Alerts, OLED Display, Escort Live!

Furthermore, this device can detect radar on multiple bands (frequencies), including both conventional and instant-on X-band, K-band, SuperWide Ka-band, and POP mode. This is useful, as radar lasers are often being updated in attempts to “outsmart” detectors, and radar bands could vary as a driver crosses state lines.

Other radar detectors sometimes falsely alert drivers, assuming that they’re picking up speed trap radar when they’re picking up regular car alarms and other signals installed by highway managers.

The Escort iX, though, protects drivers from the annoyance of false alarms by using a patented GPS-adjacent system. Alerts will only go off if genuine radar is detected.

Beyond all this, the Escort iX radar detector can sync with a driver’s Bluetooth system and smartphone to access crowdsourced information regarding where drivers are frequently ticketed and other places where precautions should be taken.

Capabilities And Product Information

The Escort iX Radar Detector has the following capabilities and qualities:

  • AutoLearn Technology. This is the patented software that detects stationary false alarms set up by highway patrol. Highway patrol in the state of Ohio recently installed these false alarms, intended to mess with radar detectors, as frequently as one alarm per mile. The AutoLearn software can use GPS to hone in on these specific frequencies and remember to ignore them.
  • IVT Filter. This system is routinely updated, and it reduces false alarms from other drivers’ anti-theft systems.
  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • Smartphone compatible.
  • Stickycup mount. This keeps the device stable on the driver’s dashboard.
  • Weighs 1lb.
  • 5.1 x 2.9 x 1.2 inches in mass.
  • Free FIRMWARE virus-protection updates.
  • Database updates are free for 90 days, then require an annual subscription.
  • Includes a power cord to plug into the cigarette lighter on the dashboard; it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery option.


Currently, the Escort iX costs around $435 on Amazon, but that could change.

While it isn’t the most expensive radar detection device on the market, strictly speaking, it’s certainly on the high end. The least expensive radar detectors are only $70, and the median price range seems to be about $200 – $250.

That being said, a lot of the less expensive models are now useless; the new radar technology implemented by highway patrol, the tech that causes those false alerts? The cheaper devices don’t have much of a defense against those kinds of things.

So those $150 radar detectors only work if you’re in a state that hasn’t implemented any anti-radar-detector technology yet. Otherwise, you’re plonking down cash on an LED paperweight.

Still,  it is a decent roundabout price for what you get? Is it potentially worth it to shell out even more to get next-level perks? Let’s look at some pros and cons.


Based on the positive reviews on Amazon, there’s plenty to appreciate about the Escort iX.

The main positive is that it works as advertised. I mean, it works excellently.

Most users report that they were readily alerted to speed-detecting radar and cameras at stoplights, and they weren’t subjected to any false alerts from other cars, grocery stores, or other kinds of radar using technology.

Another positive mentioned frequently was how easy it is to use the app. The up to date information was helpful to many customers. The Escort app also has many configurations and user interface options depending on the driver’s preference.

One driver appreciated the option to be alerted if he went too far above the speed limit at any time (past a number he pre-set). Another driver appreciated that it could inform her what band was being detected verbally and that the strength meters were easy to read at a glance.

Customers in general like the calm, clear voice that reads the alerts on the Escort iX. They also appreciate how lightweight and portable is it.


There are plenty of one and two-star reviews on Amazon as well, and certain complaints kept recurring.

Ignoring complaints that the item was damaged when they received it, most customers who disliked the Escort iX had similar problems.

One problem was that the device didn’t pick up on the police radar and alert them soon enough to slow down and avoid a ticket. Essentially, the complaint is that the device’s range is too narrow to be truly effective.

Another frequent complaint is that, contrary to its claim, there are too many false alarms from the Escort iX. One customer reported false alarms when they were the only driver out on a country road. Some customers wonder if the Escort iX simply isn’t compatible with certain cars.

Some customers have found that the Escort iX drains their car battery if they don’t turn the device off when they turn the car off.

The last common frustration is that the Escort iX breaks too easily. Many customers report it working fine for a few months and then breaking down. A possible culprit could be the heat in warm climates.

Summary Of The Escort iX

To summarize, the Escort iX is a radar detection device connected to a smartphone app Escort Live. It alerts drivers to radar used by police to log drivers’ speed and assign tickets and has software designed to limit false alarms.

Escort iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector


It doesn’t have a rechargeable battery; instead, it is powered via a power cord that connects to the cigarette lighter in a dashboard.

The smartphone app connects customers to a database that is consistently updated, so they can stay on top of cameras at stoplights and areas with frequent ticketing. The app allows for customizable user interface configuration and data like personal speed.

The most frequent complaints are that it lets through too many false alarms, it breaks down too quickly, and it doesn’t alert drivers to radar soon enough.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

The Escort Max 360 radar detector is pretty similar to the Escort iX. It’s from the same company, and it uses the same patented apps, software, and other technology.

Like the iX, the Escort Max 360 is designed to alert drivers to radar being used by municipal governments to track their speed.

Both use crowdsourced data, which a customer can access and add to on the app, to inform drivers about frequent ticketing areas, cameras on stoplights, and speed traps.

Both use patented, GPS-integrated software to prevent false alarms created by other kinds of radar, like those projected by anti-theft systems in cars. Both can learn to ignore stable radar sources that aren’t police lasers.

Escort Max 360

So, what makes the Escort Max 360 superior? Worth the additional $120 in upfront costs? Let’s look at the overall statistics of the Escort Max 360.

Capabilities And Product Information

The Escort Max 360 Radar Detector has the following capabilities and qualities:

  • AutoLearn Technology. This is the patented software that detects stationary false alarms set up by highway patrol. Highway patrol in the state of Ohio recently installed these false alarms, intended to mess with radar detectors, as frequently as one alarm per mile. The AutoLearn software can use GPS to hone in on these specific frequencies and remember to ignore them.
  • IVT Filter. This system is routinely updated, and it reduces false alarms from other drivers’ anti-theft systems.
  • Bluetooth compatible.
  • Smartphone compatible.
  • Stickycup mount. This keeps the device stable on the driver’s dashboard.
  • Weighs 0.11 lbs.
  • 1.4 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches in mass.
  • Free FIRMWARE virus-protection updates.
  • Database updates are free for 90 days, then require an annual subscription.
  • Includes a power cord to plug in to the cigarette lighter on the dashboard; it doesn’t have a rechargeable battery option.
  • Directional arrows indicate what direction the radar is coming from.


Currently, the Escort Max 360 costs around $555 on Amazon, but that could change.

This may well be the most expensive radar detector on the market. The least expensive radar detectors are only $70, and the median price range seems to be about $200 – $250. The Escort iX is around $435.

That being said, as was discussed regarding the pricing of the iX model, a lot of the significantly less expensive models are now useless; the new radar technology implemented by highway patrol, the tech that causes those false alerts?

The cheaper devices don’t have much of a defense against those kinds of things. So those under-$150 radar detectors really only work if you’re in a state that hasn’t implemented any anti-radar-detector technology yet. Otherwise, you’re plonking down cash on an LED paperweight.

With the Max 360 specifically, the device uses five separate layers of filtering to guard against anything that might cause false alarms.

Beyond that, the software technology to detect radar from further away than any other radar detector’s capabilities is exclusive to the Escort Max 360.

Unlike any other detector, the front and rear antennas of the Escort Max 360 scan Omni-directionally. Then it uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to find threats faster and more accurately than any other detector out there.

Still, is the higher price reasonable for what you get? Or is the leveled up DSP overhyped? Let’s look at some pros and cons.


The biggest pro mentioned by Amazon customers who ranked the Escort Max 360 highly were the directional arrows on the display.

It is an obvious, helpful bit of information. It’s also easy to see and understand the information presented without having to turn one’s full attention to the device, which is pretty vital since it is safest to keep your eyes on the road.

Generally, the other pros are that the Escort Max 360 works as it says it does. By all accounts, the AutoLearning system does genuinely understand when a driver routinely passes, say, a gas station with automatic doors, and can learn to ignore them.

It can also differentiate between that ignored radar and the new radar of a police cruiser with a radar gun parked directly in front of it.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector


Many of the positive reviews mention how nice the Max 360 looks, and how little space it takes up.


People who dislike the Escort Max 360 dislike it in the extreme.

By far the most frequent complaint on Amazon is that with the most recent IVT update, which is designed to reduce false alarms from other cars on the road, the range in which the Escort Max 360 can pick up K-band radar is was too narrow now.

This has resulted in many customers getting ticketed because they weren’t alerted to speed monitoring radar until it was too late to do anything about it. Even more drivers had some close calls.

Other critics were frustrated that the Escort Max 360 seems not to work in CRVs or other cars with Turbo.

Some customers were irritated that attempts to repair or replace a non-functional device were met with customer service representatives who pushed additional subscriptions.

Finally, some customers disliked the sheer amount of data the Escort Live app gathers and wants people to volunteer about their driving habits and location.

There is worry that with any app-connected radar detector, a customer’s personal information could be sold to insurance companies or other institutions who could use it against you. There is frustration that without the app, the GPS aspects are useless.


The main difference between the Escort iX and the Escort Max 360 is the Escort Max 360’s ability to sense radar in all directions, as well as its capacity to clearly and easily inform the driver about which direction the radar is coming from.

Beyond that, the Escort Max 360 is slimmer and weighs less. It uses the same software, the same app, and the same hardware technology. It is similarly adjustable when it comes to the app’s user interface and muting / volume options for alarms.

Both the Escort Max 360 and the Escort iX connect to the car’s cigarette lighter to power. Neither are compatible with Mac, and both require the customer to purchase a USB cable to access updates.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector


Ultimately, the Escort Max 360’s omnidirectional capability makes it more useful than the Escort iX. But, it’s not clear whether that makes it worth the extra expense.

What Others Say

Outside of Amazon, there are places where customers have weighed in on the relative merits of the Escort Max 360 versus the Escort iX.

On a forum dedicated entirely to Escort products, many users find that the two models are virtually the same, in terms of performance.

The chief difference seemed to be the arrows. One customer suggested that the Escort Max 360 is better at deflecting false alarms from other cars’ crash avoidance warning systems, but that wasn’t confirmed.

Crutchfield compared the two devices on 20 relevant radar detection components and found them to be identical.

No complaints have been filed against the Escort Radar company with either Consumer Reports or the Better Business Bureau.

What To Look Out For

Look out for third parties selling the Escort products. They cannot provide any kind of warranty, and there’s no guarantee you’ll receive legitimate Escort radar detectors.

Scammers have been known to take advantage of customers looking to avoid the high price tag by selling broken products that were intended to be discarded by the company.

Also, be aware of the relevant subscription fees when considering the costs involved in making this purchase. The monthly and annual subscription to Escort Live and the software updates can really sneak up on a person.

Buying Advice

Our advice is to stick with the Escort iX if you want to detect radar.

The Escort iX and the Escort Max 360 are both highly rated, reliable products. But the Escort Max is at least $100 more expensive, and it doesn’t add a lot of value relative to the price increase.

Driving with the Escort iX radar detector.


At the end of the day, the Escort iX relays the information you need, and almost all of the Escort Max 360’s best features are present in the Escort iX as well.

Our Rating

Buying The Best Radar Detector in 2021

If you’re sick and tired of getting speeding tickets and are finding it hard to remember to cut down your speed, it may be time to invest in a radar detector. Unfortunately, with new manufacturers entering the market every day it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

Luckily for you, we’ve created this buying guide on how to choose the best radar detector for your individual needs. In it, we’ll start by telling you about five of the best devices on the internet this year.

We’ll then highlight why you should pay attention when purchasing a radar detector for your vehicle since we consider it as essential as a GPS or a tire inflator for your car. And, finally, we’ll share some of the most important features to pay attention to when making your final purchase.

Before we run you through some radar detector buying tips, we’ve trawled the internet to share with you some of the best models currently available based on their price tags. Here they are:

Best Radar Detector Over $100

Winner: Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector

Packed with a mound of features as well as one of the most stylish and compact designs on the market, it is no real surprise that we have voted the Escort Passport 9500iX Platinum our favorite model for the over $100 category.

This stylish and efficient radar detector is a superheterodyne and varactor-tuned VCO type of detector that is able to scan frequency discriminators as well as undertake digital signal processing.

The Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector uses laser detection through multiple laser sensor diodes which enables it to offer the driver more accurate alerts. It also features a quantum-limited video receiver.

The radar detector has a GPS receiver as well as variable speed radar performance for maximum efficiency. Thanks to its auto learn feature, the radar detector can log speed cameras for future journeys.

Because of its safety camera database, you’ll benefit from thousands of pre-loaded safety camera locations as well as fixed red light destinations in North America so that you know way ahead of time whether you’re being monitored.


The Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector is compatible with a mound of additional car accessories some of which include a radar mount mirror and various cords.

Not only this, you can choose between a blue and a red display. Customers who reviewed this item are particularly fond of the blue display because it is said to be more visible in bright sunlight.

Lastly, the Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector delivers amazing long-range warnings on all radar bands, including Superwide Ka, K, X, as well as instant-on and POP modes. Thanks to its multiple laser sensors you’ll always benefit from 360-degree protection against both stationary and temporary speed cameras.

This model is compatible with various mobile applications and has anti falsing meaning that it will recognize between speed traps and emergency vehicles, for example. And, if all the above isn’t enough, it comes with a quick release mount and is priced at less than $300 per unit. Included in this price, you’ll benefit from free shipping straight to your doorstep.

With nearly 1,900 reviews and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, the Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector gets our seal of approval as one of the best radar detecting devices on the market in 2017.

Runner-Up: Valentine One Radar Detector

If the above model doesn’t quite do it for you, we recommend you check out the Valentine One V1 Radar Detector. Packed with a mound of impressive and timeless features, this radar detector is bound to blow your mind.

Thanks to its additional laser detection the Valentine One V1 Radar Detector offers full 360-degree protection against all types of speed cameras. More impressively, it is able to detect X, K, Ka, SuperWide Ka, and Ku Bands from nearly a mile away.

This Valentine One model is one of the highest performing on the market boasting of multiple radar antennas one of which faces backward for maximum coverage by telling you the band and the strength of the radar signal.

This feature also highlights the number of radar units, also known as bogeys, detected. In addition to this, you’ll be made aware of where the signal is coming from.

Valentine One Radar Detector



If all the above isn’t enough, the Valentine One V1 Radar Detector has one of the best radar receptions in the industry, scoring highly on industry tests year in, year out. But, one of its most impressive features is that this model is completely timeless.

By this, we mean that Valentine One has provided consumers with the chance to send in their old models dating from as far as 1992 in order to get a software and hardware update for their radar detectors.

While this service does come at a price, it does not compare to that of a new device. The company’s goal is to provide customers with a product that will last them forever! The Valentine One V1 Radar Detector works in virtually any country across the world including the Americas, Europe, Australia, Israel, and further afield.

Customers have reported the installation process to be an absolute breeze. All you have to do is plug it in, turn it on, and it is ready to use.

Customers who bought and reviewed this product say that it is a high-quality radar detector that has already saved them hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets. Plus, it is compatible with a range of other accessories including mirror mounts and power cords.

With a price tag of less than $500 and nearly 400 reviews, the large majority of which are extremely positive, the Valentine One V1 gets our mark of approval as one of the best speed camera detectors today.

Alternative: Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector

Another alternative to the Escort and Valentine One models mentioned above is another Escort model called the Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector.

Similarly to the Valentine V1, the Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector is a superheterodyne detector that provides long-range warning on all radar bands including X, K, and SuperWide Ka Bands as well as Instant-On.

Thanks to its patented digital signal processing, you’ll benefit from the most in advance warning possible without having to listen to consistent false alarms from emergency vehicles, electric doors, and so on.

It is an innovative state of the art laser detector equipped with a quantum-limited video receiver and comes with multiple laser diodes allowing it to offer drivers the best protection from speed cameras.

Aside from the above, this Escort model comes in a slightly more modern and slick design with high-resolution graphics and an OLED display. It requires two AA batteries to function, both of which come with the product, or alternatively, an Escort smartcord.

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector



This escort radar detector uses only a fraction of the power of other detectors of its kind. The two AA batteries provide months of battery power and thanks to the new low-battery circuit, you’ll get both a visual and audible alert long before they need replacing.

Not only this, the programmable Auto Power feature means that the Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector turns off automatically when not in use in order to conserve battery.

The Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector comes with 9 user-programmable features meaning that you can adapt your radar detector based on your driving style and the areas in which you are going to be driving, for example, urban and rural.

All you preprogrammed details are stored in the device’s memory even when the batteries need to be replaced. You can also program your radar detector to provide you with unique audible and visual alerts for safety warning signals, for example, road hazards.

A feature that stands out for the Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector that other models we have reviewed don’t offer is its one-year limited warranty.

Plus, if that’ not enough, it comes with a travel case so that you can keep your detector in good condition no matter how long you own it for.

Lastly, for a price tag of less than $230 and nearly 75% positive ratings across the board, the Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector is by far one of the most advanced and stylish radar detectors in the industry at the moment.

2nd Alternative: Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar/Laser Detector

Last but not least in the over $100 section for this buying guide, we’d like to introduce you to the Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar/Laser Detector with RadarMount Suction Mount Bracket For Radar Detectors.

Designed in a slightly more old school and larger piece of hardware, this Beltronics model is another radar detector that has been designed with all the bells and whistles.

With extreme sensitivity to all types of laser bands, this RX65 Professional Series Radar Detector has over ten times the range of imported detectors.

The model comes with a SmartPlug power cord as well as a quick release windshield mount and a travel case which means you can take it from one vehicle to another without a worry in the world.

Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar/Laser Detector



If you want a bit of peace and quiet, no problem, this detector features patented mute and automute technology on the SmartPlug power cord which allows you to silence alerts with the flip of just one switch.

The Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar/Laser Detector with RadarMount Suction Mount Bracket For Radar Detectors features a red display and has multi-sensor laser protection as well as digital POP radar alert.

It also comes with advanced autoscan and eliminates false alerts such as those transmitted from emergency vehicles, mechanical doors, and so on. The product offers clear digital voice or audio alerts allowing you to control 7 selectable features.

In addition to all the above, you’ll benefit from an ultra-bright, high-definition display for maximum visibility even during particularly bright parts of the day. There is also a dark mode for night time driving.

Similarly to the Escort model mentioned above, the Beltronics RX65 Red Professional Series Radar/Laser Detector with RadarMount Suction Mount Bracket For Radar Detectors comes with a one-year limited warranty.

For less than $150 and free shipping straight to your doorstep, this Beltronics radar detector is one of the best value on the market today. And, if you don’t believe us, you can always check it out on Amazon, where customers have given it a 4-star rating or more nearly 90% of the time.

Best Radar Detector Under $100

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector

When it comes to choosing a radar detector for less than $100, only one model springs to mind, the Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector.

Aside from its stylish and slightly more modern design, this radar detector is packed with a mound of incredible features for such a low price tag.

Thanks to its superfast sweep circuitry, this cobra model provides extra detection range as well as the best possible warning for even the fastest of drivers.

Not only this, the VG-2 and Spectre alert mean that your Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection will alert you when you are being surveyed by VG2 or Spectre radar detector detectors (RDD).

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector



This model comes with the traditional city and highway modes so that you can switch between the two in order to avoid countless false alerts.

Plus, whether you’re in Europe or the United States, this Cobra model has a Ku band detectors, one of the types of radar guns being used most in Europe at the moment that is expected to make it to the U.S in the near future.

This small and compact device detects all 14 different types of radar and laser guns across the world. Not only this, it does it at a much greater range than any of its predecessors.

The Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection is compatible with a variety of other car accessories include various cords and radar detector dashboard and windshield mounts.

With a price tag of less than $80, free shipping straight to your doorstep, and the choice of an additional 3 or 4 years of protection for just over $10 and $15 respectively, this Cobra model is by far one of the best value on the market at the moment.

Why You Should Choose Your Radar Detector Carefully

Choosing the best radar detector for your individual needs is extremely important for a number of reasons, here are some of them:


Radar detectors can be very expensive so buying one without doing your research could lead to money down the drain. Before you make your final purchase, you should also consider the factors mentioned below.


Some parts of the world have made using a radar detector illegal because they deem drivers more reckless when equipped with a radar detecting device.

In Australia, some parts of Europe, South America, Canada, and various other parts of the world it is illegal to use a radar detector or a jammer. If caught doing so, you could end up with a fine.

Police Officer With Car Driver

In the United States, radar detectors are legal apart from in Virginia. California law does allow radar detectors but they cannot be placed on the windshield.1

Ease Of Installation

It is worth mentioning that the best radar detectors are easy to install and come with simple to follow manufacturer instructions. Some just need to be plugged in and turned on while others require a bit more brain power.

Also where you want your radar detector to be should make a difference to the one your purchase. For example, do you want it mounted on your dashboard or your windshield?

Once again, be sure you know about the legalities in your country or state before installing your radar detector on your windshield or dashboard.

The Type Of Radar Detector

The best radar detectors on the market are also laser detectors. While more expensive, choosing one with multiple front and rear laser sensor diodes will make a huge difference to the number of alerts and in turn, speeding fines you receive.

Display Type

This may seem like a very basic feature, but some devices only come with very simple displays, making them difficult to see in harsh sunlight or during the night. The best radar detectors come with a choice of different display modes making them accessible day in, day out.

False Alerts

No matter which radar detecting device you choose, you’ll always fall victim to at least one false alert in your life.

But, the best radar detectors can normally switch modes meaning that when you go from the highway to a city, your radar will not confuse speed cameras with other irrelevant waves.

Warning System

Last but not least, the best radar detectors offer both visual and audible alerts. While you may not need both, make sure that the model you choose offers your preferred method of alert.

If you don’t like having to look at a screen audible alerts may be the best option for you. Plus, it’s a much less distracting, and therefore, less dangerous way of avoiding speeding fines.

Features to Pay Attention to When Choosing the Best Radar Detector

If you’re still not sure which is the best radar detector for your individual needs, here are some features you should consider when making your final decision:


As with nearly all electronic devices, you can now connect your smartphone to your radar detector depending on the model you choose.

Smartphone Connected With Radar Detector

In addition to connecting your smartphone to your device, there are now specific mobile applications on both iOS and Android that are free to download.

Through these applications, you can mark radar areas on your phone and your detector will then send you and anyone else using the application alerts based on their location and any data that has been saved in the app’s database.

Some of the best radar detectors also connect to smartphones via Bluetooth.

Laser Detection Feature

Laser guns are now increasingly popular because they are more accurate and can pinpoint the speed of specific vehicles in a matter of seconds. While these guns are spreading like wildfire, new and improved laser detectors are becoming available as well.

These detectors can alert you as far as a mile away from a radar. Plus, if you opt for a model with multiple sensors, you’ll gain 360-degree protection from all types of radars.

Additional Features

While the above features are all extremely important, we recommend you look at other, less common ones as well in order to get a full experience from your radar detector.

Safety Warning Systems

Safety warning systems are great if you live in an urban area where emergency police cars and ambulances are common. These systems alert you when an emergency vehicle is near, giving you time to move out of the way.

Radar Detector Detectors

RDDs, also known as radar detector detectors, are devices that can tell law enforcement officers whether or not you are using a radar detector. They pick up on the oscillation emissions from the receiver in the detector.

The best radar detectors come with a special feature which eliminates these emissions thus allowing your detector to go unnoticed.

Automated Volume

All models allow you to adjust the volume of your alerts to suit your individual preferences, however, newer more modern models automatically adjust the volume of the alerts based on the noise in your surroundings.

Automatic Mute

New models have an automatic mute function which stops all audible alerts if your vehicle is at a standstill. This is because if you are in a traffic jam or other situation where your car is driving extremely slowly you don’t need to be told if there is a speed trap ahead of you.

Radar Detector In Car


Last but not least, make sure you go for a reputable brand that produces quality radar detectors. By choosing a cheaper model from a manufacturer that is not established, you’ll waste a lot of money in the long run.


Choosing the best radar detector is a difficult task, but by considering all the features mentioned above, you’ll be sure to purchase a model that suits your individual needs and that sticks with you for the foreseeable future.



Everything You Need To Know About Radar Detectors

Everything You Need To Know About Radar Detectors
Everything You Need To Know About Radar Detectors

Passing a police officer with a speed camera and knowing that you were going over the speed limit is a daunting feeling.

You spend your days waiting for your fine to arrive through the post and depending on the speed that you were driving at, you may also be facing points on your license. Luckily for us, today there is such a device called a radar detector.

These devices are awesome if you know you have a bit of a need for speed and find it difficult to stick to the speed limit in your area. That said, choosing the right one can be challenging.

In this guide, we’re going to tell you what a radar detector is and when they were first invented. We’ll also tell you how these intelligent devices work and highlight the various types available to choose from.

We’ll tell you about the different features radar detectors have to offer and share some of the various types of speed control measures law enforcements across the world now use to catch speeding drivers.

Not only this, we’ll go into some of the legalities that come with these smart machines while also sharing some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry today. Lastly, we’ll tell you how to take care of your radar detector so that it sticks with you for the foreseeable future.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is A Radar Detector?

A radar detector is a legal device that any driver can keep in his or her car. These detectors are great for telling you whether or not there is a police or other law enforcement officer monitoring your speed ahead.

Radar Detector

These electronic devices tell you when someone is monitoring your speed in order for you to slow down before going through a speed trap and getting a ticket, or worse, points on your license.

It is worth mentioning that not all speed monitoring devices can be detected. For example, Doppler radar-based detectors can be detected by a radar detector whereas others such those using piezo sensors, ANPR, and VASCAR technology cannot.

The History Of Radar Detectors

Radar detectors have been a work in progress for years. Classical experiments on electromagnetic radiation are said to have started all the way back in the 1880’s, however, this technology progressed significantly all the way through until 1930.

In the early 30’s, these electronic devices were used to detect aircrafts by the military. The mechanism continued to play a significant role throughout World War II.

By the end of the 40’s, the tracking radar and the moving target indication radar were created, allowing everyone from the Royal Navy to the GEMA, and the United States Navy to detect enemies on the horizon.

Through until the 70’s new strides were made leading to the creation of the Doppler radar. Later, in the 80’s reflectivity radars were invented by weather services across the globe, most notably, the United States.

Above all, the technology behind radar, best known for detecting speed, was developed in 1954. Now, this technology is used widely across the world by consumers and is part of a billion-dollar industry.

How Does A Radar Detector Work?

Police radars, or speed detectors, use the Doppler effect to measure the speed at which a car or other vehicle is passing. The Doppler radar beams a radio wave at the car which in turn measures the expected change in frequency of the reflected wave.

Radar detectors use something called a superheterodyne receiver to detect the electromagnetic emissions of a speed monitoring devices . A radar detector hones in on the band signal coming from a speed trap and alerts the driver through a visual or auditory signal.

Radar Detector Work

There are four different bands in which radar detectors operate, all of which have different frequency ranges. These include X Band from 10.5 to 10.55 GHz, Ku Band which is from 12 to 18 GHz, K Band 24.05 to 24.24 GHz, and Ka-Band from 34.2 to 35.2 GHz.

The most commonly used bands in the U.S. include K, X, and Ka-Band.

The Different Types Of Radar Detectors

Ultimately, there are now three different types of radar detectors, all of which come from various manufacturers with a huge variety of additional features depending on the one you choose. Here is an outline of each as well as some of their pros and cons:

Corded Radar Detectors

As the name suggests, corded radar detectors have cords and are normally mounted on your windshield with the help of suction cups.

While they still tend to offer the best range of detection, over time they are prone to falling off the windshield. The cord can also get in the way of the driver.

This can be quite frustrating while also adding another distraction to the driver, thus making them dangerous when not attached correctly.

Cordless Radar Detectors

Radar detectors now also come cordless. These offer the same level of detection as their aforementioned counterparts, however, they can be moved from one car to another more easily and are much easier to use.

With a cordless model, you also won’t get distracted by unnecessary leads.

Remote-Mount Radar Detectors

While some say that remote-mount radar detectors do not offer the same level of detection as cordless and corded models, they’re permanently attached to your vehicle.

Remote Mount Radar Detector

These models are very discrete and therefore nearly undetectable by thieves. Not only this, they do not get in the way of your line of vision. Because of the way they’re installed they also can’t fall from your windshield and distract you from driving.

Radar Detector Special Features

Once you have chosen the type of radar detector you believe will be best for your car, it is important that you look at the various features different models have to offer. Here are some of the most important ones:

GPS Tagging

GPS tagging is moderately new to the radar detector realm, but the technology has come a long way in the past few years. Now, with GPS technology radar detectors can measure speed, direction, and location down to a foot.

Thanks to this, your radar detector will be able to warn you of a speed trap based on the speed at which you are driving and your exact location. Not only this, these models can adjust their sensitivity and switch between city and highway modes automatically.

Different Modes

If your radar detector does not have GPS tagging, it’s important that it has a highway and a city mode. Highway mode is known as the default mode however, by switching to city mode you won’t get as many false alerts from other sources of signals.

These are particularly handy if you live in an urban area where emergency vehicles, road signs, and automatic door openers could interfere with your device.

Voice And Visual Alerts

While visual alerts are great if you want to keep the noise levels down in your home, these models can be distracting. Opting for a radar detector that also has voice alerts means you never have to take your eyes off the road.

Oscillation Elimination

Some parts of the world have banned radar detectors with the mentality that people should simply stick to the speed limit. While this is true, it is easy to forget once in awhile.

Because of these new legal loopholes, law enforcement agencies across the world have designed radar detector detectors, also known as RDDs.

Police RDDS

These new devices can see whether or not you are using a radar detector by picking up on the oscillation emissions from the receiver in the detector.

Luckily for us all, new models eliminate most of these emissions allowing our detectors to go unnoticed. Others turn themselves off as soon as they detect an RDD.

Laser Detection

While radar detectors with laser detection are more costly, they are also more accurate. These models can detect numerous laser beams depending on the amount of laser detection your model offers.

Models with 360-degree laser detection can detect laser pulses in front, behind, and either side of your vehicle.

Instant On Protection

Unfortunately, if a radar has been aimed at you and you are driving above the speed limit, you’ve likely been caught and there is no real way around it. This is known as an instant-on radar.

While there is no real way of defending yourself against these types of radars, radar detector manufacturers have now added “instant-on” protection to their features.

This means that they come with sensitive K Band reception which alerts you if the vehicle ahead of you was targeted allowing you to slow down before the speed camera reaches your car.

Smartphone Compatibility

Now there are mobile applications on both Android and iOS that allow drivers to mark speed cameras so that other drivers are made aware of them. These applications often use Bluetooth technology to mark speed enforcement areas seamlessly without you having to do anything.

Emergency Vehicle Warning

Because emergency vehicles such a police cars and ambulances can turn up unexpectedly, numerous radar detector models can send an audible or visual alert to you while driving when an emergency vehicle is getting close to you.

Radar Detector Vehicle Warning

These models are often equipped with safety warnings as well, meaning that if there are hazardous road conditions ahead of you, a road is under construction, there is an accident on your route, or there is a railroad crossing ahead of you, you’ll also receive a warning.

Voice Activation

By choosing a radar detector that has a voice activation feature you’ll never have to take your hands off the wheel. From increasing the brightness to making the volume higher and even changing between modes, these models can do everything through voice activation.

Additional Radar Detector Accessories

Aside from the radar detector itself, it is important that you choose a model that comes with a mound of compatible accessories in order to be as comfortable as possible while driving.

Many models come with mounting kits that allow you to mount your radar detector on your dashboard or your windshield. It also important that you choose a model for which you can buy additional power cords.

Some come with remote controls and most come with travel cases so that you can pack your radar detector safely away when not in use in order for it to stay in good condition.

Lastly, be sure that the mode you choose comes with an installation kit. Some manufacturers do not sell these kits included and these devices can be difficult to set up.

The Different Types Of Law Enforcement Speed Control

While we have mentioned the Doppler radar above, there are various types of law enforcement speed control mechanisms now available. Here are some of the most commonly used:

Doppler Radar

As mentioned above, the Doppler radar uses the Doppler effect to measure the speed at which a vehicle is moving. Named after Austrian physician Christian Doppler, the Doppler effect is the change of wavelength of a wave for an observer who is moving relative to the wave source.

Doppler radars produce the velocity data of objects that are at a distance, for example, a car. The frequency of the reflection is compared to that of the transmitted pulse and the speed of the vehicle is calculated by using the difference between the two.


Instead of radio waves, newer speed detectors use pulsed laser light, also known as LIDAR. This new technology was invented because radar detectors detect radio transmissions and are therefore unable to detect infrared lights used in LIDAR devices.

LIDAR Traffic Enforcement

This is another key reason why laser detection is becoming a more important feature to acquire when purchasing a radar detector for your vehicle.

The Legalities Behind Radar Detectors

When the radar detector was first invented, new laws were put in place making them illegal in certain countries.

These were made illegal because law enforcement deemed drivers using them more dangerous than others, assuming they would drive at their own speed and only slow down when notified by their radar detectors.

People who don’t use radar detectors are normally seen as less reckless as they have to be more conscious of their speed at all times rather than when they receive an alert.

In addition to the above, radar detectors that offer only visual alerts can be extremely distracting, as can those that are corded or use suckers as these can get tangled or fall off the windscreen when the vehicle is in motion.

As with any law in the United States, the ones surrounding the use of a radar detectors completely depend on the state in which you are driving.

Generally speaking, radar detectors are legal in private vehicles under the Communications Act of 1934. However, these are normally illegal in commercial vehicles. While the laws surrounding radar detectors are virtually the same across the country, some state laws differ.

Radar detectors are illegal in Virginia and if you are caught using one you will receive a ticket no matter what speed you are driving at. Not only this, you’ll likely have your detector confiscated.

On the other hand in Minnesota and California, radar detectors are legal but cannot be attached to the windshield. In fact, these states ban anything from being mounted on the windshield.

Reputable Radar Detector Manufacturers

Now that you know everything you need to know about radar detectors, we’d like to introduce you to some of the best manufacturers in the industry.


Once known as Central Television Service Company in 1948, followed by B&K electronics in the 50s and early 60s, and finally Cobra in 1993, the company has been a leading global designer and marketer of mobile communications and navigation products for decades now.

Cobra Radar Detector

The company operates across the United States, Canada, and Europe, among other parts of the world and has now entered two new growth categories- mobile navigation and marine electronics.

Since the company’s invention of the first CB radio over five decades ago, Cobra Radar has continued to launch a wide array of innovative products for boaters, outdoor enthusiasts, and drivers.


With a backlog of over 30 years of innovative products, Escort has been a leading manufacturer, designer, and engineering company in the automotive accessory industry.

Based in metropolitan Cincinnati, OH, the company prides itself on providing its customer the best quality products on the market. With some of the best engineers in the world and a state of the art manufacturing facility, Escort focuses its effort on quality service and accessories.

As of today, Escort has sold over 10 million radar detectors and other automotive accessories to help people drive smarter. Escort now offers its customers a range of radar detectors as well as accessories such as mounts, adapters, cords, Escort Live products, and Escort Live Kits. 


Another company headquartered in Cincinnati, OH, is Beltronics, a leading manufacturer and radar detector provider founded all the way back in 1967. In addition to radar detectors, the company offers laser and safety detectors, all of which are manufactured in North America.

The company has received numerous awards for its state of the art products, most recently an innovations award for one of its professional series radar and laser detectors.

How To Look After Your Radar Detector

As with any electronic device, it is important that you look after your radar detector so that it sticks with you through thick and thin. Here are some tips for maintaining your radar detector:

Mount Your Radar Detector Correctly

There are numerous reasons that you should mount your radar detector correctly from the moment you start using it. For better results, mount your radar detector lower on your windshield.

Putting Radar Detector On Motorcycle

While many manufacturers recommend that you mount it in the middle of your windshield, speed cameras are normally pointed at your license plate therefore if it is mounted incorrectly it may not have the desired effect.

Also, if you mount your device too high on your windshield it will obstruct your line of vision thus increasing the chance of you having an accident. If mounted too high, you may find that your radar detector falls off leading to further distractions while driving.

Lastly, mounting your radar too high may attract more negative attention and someone could break into your vehicle and steal it.

Keep Your Radar Detector Out Of The Sun

Most electronic devices are affected by high temperatures. If you live in a hot part of the world, it is important that you keep your radar detector out of the sun. Keeping it in the sun may shorten your detectors lifespan, something that is not normally covered under the warranty.

To keep your radar detector out of direct sunlight, consider parking your car in the shade wherever possible. You should also invest in a sunshade or tinting on your windshield. You could also simply remove it from your car or store it under your seat when not in use.

Store Your Radar Detector In A Travel Case When Not In Use

When not in use, store your radar detector in a travel case. Doing so will not only keep it out of the sun as mentioned above, but also stop it from attracting any negative attention. You’ll also find that it doesn’t gather as much dust which will increase its lifespan further.

Keep Your Radar Detector Away From Water

It may seem obvious but if your radar detector gets wet it will most likely stop working. It is important that you keep it away from any harsh weather conditions whether it be sun or rain. Any contact with water will void your warranty and leave you with a useless device.


When buying a radar detector, you must do your research. You must also put thought into the features that you need the most.

Radar Detectors On Road Map

While newer models are more expensive, they are normally a sound investment as they use the latest technology and come packed with features that allow you to get the most out of your device.

If you’ve decided that a radar detector is what you need for your vehicle, then we suggest that you head over to our buying guide for further information about what to look for when making a purchase as well as to see some of the best models on the market today.



Cobra XRS9370 Radar Detector Review

Safety should always be your main concern, especially when behind the wheel. This is even truer if you are not the only person in the vehicle when you’re driving. But, driving at high speeds can become addictive, and you can always enjoy it as long as you do it responsibly.

Radar detectors are specialized devices that are designed to identify and alert you when there are speed cameras or law enforcement officers monitoring speed ahead of you. These electronic accessories are legal and extremely useful for any driver to have.

There are hundreds of different models available on the market today, but choosing the best detector is not always easy. You have to make sure you find one that has all the features you need, that is durable, and of course, that fits your budget.

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector

Although radar detectors are legal in most States inside the US and other countries, you should still check your local laws to make sure you won’t be prosecuted if caught with a radar detector.

Keeping the above in mind, we would like to present to you the Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar and Laser Detector. This versatile device can help you increase your safety levels and prevent any tickets when driving at high speeds in cities and highways.

About The Product

The Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar and Laser Detector is a durable auto accessory that is ideal for drivers who have a need for speed. These effective detectors can warn you about any speed cameras or law enforcement officers ahead.

Regarded as one of the top radar detectors in the market, the Cobra XRS9370 is designed to provide optimal performance for a long period of time. It features an ultra-light data display that gives you visual warning of any monitoring devices found ahead.

Moreover, the slick design and matte finish add a touch of class to the inside of your vehicle. These versatile devices allow you to control the frequency when changing from populated areas to highways, reducing the number of false flags you receive.

The Cobra detector is capable of picking up an array of different signals from long distances. These include K-band, X-band, and super-wide Ka-band. Not only this, but this radar detector uses 2 AA batteries as a  power source, making them more efficient than corded models.

Besides being able to read the most popular types of radio waves, these versatile devices can also detect speed monitoring tools that employ lasers. With the Cobra radar detector, you’ll receive alerts for Quantum Limited Video Receiver and Multiple Laser Sensor Diodes too.

One of the best features in the Cobra radar detector is its compact design. However, don’t be fooled by its small build; this powerful detector provides 360-degree protection that gives you the peace of mind you deserve when behind the wheel.

What Others Say

When it comes to popularity and reputation, there are not many other radar detectors that can live up to the Cobra XRS9370. With more than 400 reviews found online, it boasts of a 4 or 5-star reviews 68% of the time.

A lot of online reviewers praise this radar detector because it’s super light and extremely compact. Not only this, but many reviewers loved the fact that it’s extremely easy to install and remove, so you can store it safely when it’s not in use or move it between cars effortlessly.

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector Display

Not only this, but a lot of customer like the fact that the model does feature cables and runs on 2 AA batteries instead. Besides not using power directly from your car, it also means that the Cobra XRS9370 is extremely energy efficient even if used on regular basis.

Needless to say, the vast majority of reviews praised the fact that the Cobra XRS9370 works beautifully. It provides visual alarms with plenty of time, be it in cities or highways. Moreover, the number of false flags is minimal when compared to other industry leaders.

The Cobra XRS9370 also received compliments because it allows you to easily switch between radio signals you want it to cover. Some police departments purposefully use old radio wavelengths such as X-band, and this versatile device can detect even these signals easily.

Many customers reported using the Cobra XRS9370 for long road trips without any issues at all. All features work for extended periods of time, and because it’s extremely energy efficient, two AA batteries are all you will need for at least a few months!


What To Look Out For

While most online reviews had nothing but great things to say about the Cobra XRS9370, there were also reviewers that were unhappy with its performance. In some cases, customers received an extreme number of false flags, mostly due to devices using similar radio signals.

On the other hand, other also reported that putting their cell phone close to the radar detector caused it to signal false flags on regular basis. Note that some reviewers claimed that after a few days of usage, their devices started working as intended.

Many reviewers loved the fact that the device is cordless, but others found it annoying to have to change the batteries every so often. Keep in mind that this will depend on how much you use the device and if you have to move it from one vehicle to another.

Buying Advice

There are several channels where you can purchase the best Cobra XRS9370, but Amazon is still the top choice. Starting at just under $74, you can get this radar detected send to your home with free shipping included.

Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector


Also, keep in mind you can purchase additional protection plans, starting at just over $3.50 for a 2-year plan and just over $7.50 for a 4-year plan.

Final Verdict

When it comes to auto accessories that help you detect speed radars and improve your safety levels, the Cobra XRS9370 is one of the best found on the market today. This reliable radar detector can help you avoid tickets and drive safely in both cities and highways alike.



Escort Solo S3 Radar Detector Review

When it comes to choosing the ideal radar detector, you need to think about functionality, visual appeal, and of course, the price tag. These devices can provide a safer driving experience and prevent you from getting tickets due to speeding.

Always remember to consider your vehicle and the roads you drive through regularly before choosing the ideal detection device. Think about what features will actually make your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

Some radar detectors can come with features such as GPS tagging and multiple operation modes. Most come equipped with visual alerts while others implement both visual and auditory signals when a speed regulation device is detected.

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector Buttons

You also need to find a radar detector that is easy to operate, even when you are driving. Although some models come with automatic switching between city and highway mode, others need to be toggled manually, so verify that you can operate it easily when driving too.

Other aspects you want to consider is the usage you will be giving the detecting device. For instance, if you want to switch from one vehicle to another and bring the detector with you, your best bet is to find a cordless model that runs on batteries.

Taking the above into consideration, we would like to introduce the Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector, one of the most popular models on the market. This versatile radar detector can help create a safer driving experience and avoid getting fined for driving over the limit.

About The Product

The Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector is one of the most effective and versatile detecting devices on the market. It can identify speed monitoring devices that operate using radio waves and lasers, so you can avoid getting a fine for speeding.

In addition to the fact that it’s extremely durable and accurate, this radar detector is also dynamic as it’s powered by AA batteries. This means that you can transport it from one vehicle to the other, making it a perfect fit for frequent car renters.

The Solo S3 is extremely portable and adds a touch of class to the inside of your car. Designed to sit on your dashboard it comes in a classy matte black finish. The high-quality rubber buttons and OLED display add the finishing touches for a fantastic look.

The buttons are easy to operate and are made of durable, non-slip material that gives it an expensive feel. The large mute button also doubles as an indicator for the remaining battery life.

The cordless design also means that this Solo S3 radar detector is ultra-energy efficient. The backlight is only lit momentarily when the function button is pressed, while an optional power cord allows you to use it even when you run out of battery.

One of the main reasons this radar detector is among the best in the market is the fact that it works for both radar and laser speed monitors. It can read X-band, K-band, Ka-band, which are the most popular frequencies used by law enforcement officers.

What Others Say

Quality products often boast of quality online reviews, and this radar detector boasts of 4 and 5-star reviews 74% of the time. A large percentage of the online reviews praise the Solo S3 for its slick design and modern finish, which matches modern and classic vehicles alike.

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector Parts

Moreover, many customers also commented on the fact that this detecting device is cordless. Because of this, it’s extremely easy to move and place in different cars. The same reviewers also said that changing the battery is very easy and only takes seconds.

Others also liked the length of the battery life. These reviewers claimed that with a fresh set of batteries, their speed radar could go for more than 20 hours without losing accuracy. Plus, the Solo S3 uses common AA batteries, so you can stop and replace them at almost any shop.

Most radar detectors are either corded or battery powered, but many reviewers also loved the fact that the Solo S3 has an optional power cord. This accessory is purchased separately, but it can help you stay safe even when your battery is running low.

According to feedback found online, the Escort radar detector has a bigger range than its other cordless counterparts. It’s very accurate and reliable, so you can rest assured you will receive a noticeable alert with plenty of time to adjust your speed.

Lastly, a large portion of online reviews said that the S3 gives plenty of alert when approaching a speed detecting device. It works great in cities, highways, and suburbs alike, with a minimal number of false flags for a more comfortable drive.


What To Look Out For

Despite the fact that most online reviews praise the Solo S3, there are also some that complain about certain features and characteristics. For instance, some reviewers claim that the S3 is too sensitive to be used in cities where K-band is the dominant frequency.

On the other hand, others complained because their radar detector suffered superficial deterioration that did not affect functionality, but was enough to affect its visual appeal. This was due to extended exposure to the sun and other sources of heat.

Buying Advice

There are several different channels where you can purchase the Escort Solo S3, but Amazon offers the best pricing. Starting at just under $229, you can get this versatile device delivered straight to your door at no additional cost as it includes free shipping inside of the US.

Escort Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector


Final Verdict

Getting the best radar detector will allow you to enjoy driving at high speed while maintaining high levels of security. At the same time, you’ll be able to avoid speeding tickets and save money, so get your Escort Solo S3 cordless radar detector delivered to your home today.