How to Hardwire a Radar Detector?

Hardwiring a Radar Detector
Hardwiring a Radar Detector

Hardwiring a Radar Detector

A radar detector is a handy device to use by drivers to prevent being tracked down by the police and avoid being fine for driving beyond the standard speed limit. This is used in determining long-range signals and filtering out signals. 

Radar detectors are being installed in a car, and the things you will need for installing them are a hardwire cable, a circuit fuse tap kit, and a T-tap is optional. You have the option of hiring a professional to do the installation for you. 

Most car radio installers can do this, or if you want to do this on your own, you can install it because this will not need a lot of time or money to do it on your own. This article will give you information on hardwiring your device.

How to Hardwire a Radar Detector?
How to Hardwire a Radar Detector?

Can You Hardwire a Radar Detector?

Before you proceed with your hardwiring, the first and vital thing to keep in mind is to have a proper Direct Wire Cable or Hardwiring Cable.

These Are The Steps For You To Hardwire a Radar Detector:

Step 1:Plugging In

It is required that the fuse box will stop and start together with the ignition of the car. Some circuits are connected to the ignition, while most are powered. 

It is always advisable to look for one that will turn off and on with the ignition so that when the car is being parked, it will not drain out excess power from the car’s battery.

You need to check if the fuse is connected by looking at the fuse panel cover diagram or referring to it in the car manual. After figuring out the fuse slot, using a fuse puller or a plier, you need to pull out the existing fuse and insert it to your add a circuit kit with space for another fuse. To fill it in,

How to Connect to the Circuit

When connecting the radar detector, s should tap it into a fuse box, and for you to do this, you must have an add-a-circuit tool that will allow you to upgrade your fuse box by adding new electronic parts. 

It would be best if you also found out the fuse sizes, and these are the standard fuse sizes used for these kits:

  • ATO add-a-circuit kit
  • Mini add-a-circuit kit
  • Low-profile mini add-a-circuit kit
  • Micro2 add-a-circuit kit

Step 2: Connect to The Add-A- Circuit

After plugging in the circuit and installing the add-a-circuit kit to its fuse box, you will now connect the circuit with hardwire cable, which can be performed in two ways.

One way for you to do it is by stripping the power wire end of the hardwiring cable, inserting it then in a blue connector, and using crimpers to have a close and good connection. 

The other way is to use a T-tap to attach a connection inside the electrical wire to the red wire. Once it is locked, it will give a perfect connection with the radar detector. The add-a-circuit kits must all be equipped with a matching connector and a T-tap.

Step 3: Connecting the Ground Wire

There are two wires in using hardwire cable: the power and the ground. Power wire must be connected to the add-a-circuit, while m must connect a ground wire to an appropriate place. 

In connecting the ground wire, one way is to affix it to a metal part of the frame or chassis of the car so that there is a solid ground for your radar detector. 

Another way is to look for a spare ground wire from existing electronics found in the fuse box and tap or connect it.

Step 4: Run the Wires

Once the hardwire cable is connected to the add-a-circuit and ground, you must plug everything in and run the wires. 

To do this, tuck the wires behind the car body panels or remove the panels to have the cleanest installation. The best way to run the wires is to begin at the fuse box and work its way up. 

After doing all four steps, do not forget to mount the radar detector high to function well.

Removing the Body Panel

A radar detection antenna needs to be installed in front of the vehicle connected to the vehicle interior central computing unit with cables wherein it is protected, especially in any weather. 

REMOVING BODY PANELS LIKE DISASSEMBLING THE BUMPER IS UNAVOIDABLE. Place the cable inside the compartment of an engine. The correct position of the GPS antenna connected to the system must be put and found to have a stable signal. 

Most components are not visible behind covers that need complete disassembling, like a center console inside the car. It would be best to make sure that there is a good enough connection to the ignition voltage. 

The control panel or the display needs to be installed in the cockpit. This can be installed in the ashtray, the center console, or in a glove compartment.

Hardwire Cabling

The primary reason drivers hardwire a radar detector is TO CONNECT IT TO your vehicle’s FUSE BOX. To hide the cable from the eyes of potential thieves, the power cable needs to go through the trim that must be out of sight so they can’t see it.

If you do not want to have a long chord hanging in your windshield that can block your view, you can hook it up so that there would be a permanent power plug.

Direct Wire Cable

HARDWIRE CABLE OR ALSO KNOWN AS DIRECT WIRE CABLE is the cable that will power the radar detector. These direct wires are needed as they go directly from the radar detector to the fuse box, which is a power source. 

This cable is a long and straight cable that will plug into your detector and connect to a power source on the other end. There are different hardwire cables in the market today having different features and modifications. 

The old ones are just simple, while the newer ones have LED, an additional remote button, and a Bluetooth which allow the radar detector to be connected directly to your phones.

Radar Detector Hardwire Kit

HARDTOP HT-1096 hardwire kit, power cord with inline fuse, is one of the hardwire kits used for radar detectors with the RJ11 power jack. 

It has 8 feet in le8-found. The item weight is 1.6 ounces with a black and tight protective sheathing. This kit is manufactured in the US by J28 Design, Inc.

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If you buy this hardwire kit, you will have to get one radar detector to hardwire crowbar and four fuses tap cables. 

This kit connects the radar detector into the fuse box under your car dashboard for power from the vehicle’s battery. It frees up the 12-volt power socket for other uses that will make your car more clean and neat.

For You to Install This Kit:

Step 1: Connect the red wire of the kit with one type of Fuse Tap that is required in your vehicle.

Step 2: Find the ACC Fuse Slot by locating it in the fuse box. ACC Fuse slot will function only then the ignition is connected and on.

Step 3: Remove the ACC original fuse and install it in the bottom of the slot of the fuse tap. Insert the exact size of the fuse.

Step 4: Connect now the red wire of the kit to the ACC Fuse slot positive terminal in the fuse box.

Step 5: Screw down and crimp the black wire to any non-coated metal screw/bolt to ground it in your vehicle.

Step 6: Connect the RJ_11 (telephone style) jack of the kit to the RJ11 input of the radar detector, and the installation is now complete. For safety purposes, it is recommended that you will not use any fuse slot used by the critical components of your vehicle, such as the airbags.

Hardwiring radar detectors to a car is a must. For some car owners, this hardwiring process can be a hassle, especially if you are not familiar with the uses of the tools and materials needed, so hiring a pro to do it is recommended. 

The process of hardwiring is not complicated and straightforward if you follow all the abovementioned steps above. 

All parts will function adequately to minimize problems, especially avoiding speeding tickets from the police and traffic cops.

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