Are Radar Detectors Legal in California?

Are Radar Detectors Legal
Are Radar Detectors Legal?

The maximum driving speed on most highways in California is 65 mph. However, you can drive at 70 mph where it’s allowed.

So, if you’ve ever been pulled over by a police car on a charge of overspeeding, then it’s likely that they were tracking your speed. Today, police use radar and laser radars to measure car speeds on roads. Jamming these devices is a federal offense in the entire US.

But, there are detectors that drivers use to determine if police are monitoring their speed. The question is, are radar detectors legal in California?

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Legality of Radar Detectors

In California, owning and using a radar detector isn’t illegal. However, mounting the device on the windshield will result in a ticket. This is because the state law prohibits placing anything on the windshield that will obstruct the driver’s view.

Personal car owners can use the device in their car without any legal implications. However, commercial vehicles, especially those weighing over 10,000 pounds, are banned from using these devices. Military bases and vehicles are also prohibited from using them.

Even though radar detectors are legal to use, radar jammers are illegal, and you shouldn’t even think of owning them.

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Windshield Mounting Laws

Now that you know the answer to the question, “Are radar detectors legal?” you need to understand the mounting laws. Most people are usually confused about where they can mount the device.

In California, other devices can be mounted to the windshield with no legal problems. However, in the case of radar detectors, the law tends to be critical of them. This is because of what the devices are used for.

As such, you’re more likely to get an expensive ticket when you mount them to the windshield.

California has laws regarding visual obstructions for drivers. According to the law, tinting the windshield or placing something directly in the line of sight of the driver is considered obstructive. You’re likely to get a ticket for this action, including setting a detector on your windshield.

Mounting the Detector

To avoid getting a ticket for mounting your detector to the windshield, it helps to fit the device in the right place.

Also, the right position matters if you want the gadget to receive radar waves from police radar guns. Most manufacturers usually recommend mounting it in the center of the windshield.

According to many reviews, this position will cause a visual obstruction, and the device may fail to receive the waves. Mounting it too high will make you take your eyes off the road whenever it’s activated. Plus, the center position makes it easily noticeable to police officers.

Because of this, it’s advisable to mount it on your dashboard. Some devices also come with brackets, which you can use to attach the detector at the bottom of the windshield. Typically, the position should make your device less noticeable and it should be able to attain the maximum radar detection.

Also, ensure the controls are accessible to allow you to mute or put it off whenever it alerts you.

How It Works

Knowing the answer to the question “Are radar detectors legal?” is enough if you don’t know how it works.

Basically, the police use Doppler radar to check your car speed. This kind of radar is a specialized radar that uses the Doppler effect to provide velocity data of objects at a distance. It’s usually used in aviation, weather forecasts, and healthcare.

When the police fire the radio waves to your car, they bounce back to tell them your car’s speed. So, if you’re using a radar detector, it will scan for the waves within the radio frequencies of Doppler band and notify you if the police are monitoring your speed.

This way, you can slow your car speed before the police get a clear reading of your speed.

Are Detectors Effective?

For the most part, radar detectors are efficient and reliable. They’re designed to monitor and detect Doppler radar waves and notify you as soon as they notice them. In this case, you can rely on them to escape police speed checks.

However, police are aware that the detectors are legal to use. They also know that many drivers are using them. In response, a new technology, known as Lidar, is available for them to use in monitoring car speeds.

The typical detectors can’t detect Lidar waves for particular reasons. One being their technology is limited to radar waves. The second reason is that lidar waves are usually specific, meaning they can target one particular part of your car because they are narrow. This makes them hard to detect.

Why Are They Illegal in Some States?

States, such as Virginia and Washington, D.C, are notable for their prohibition of the use of radar detectors. Drivers using the device will receive tickets, and the police are likely to confiscate it. Also, selling detectors is illegal in some parts of Virginia.

The primary reason for this is because these states believe that detectors encourage reckless driving and overspeeding. As such, drivers are likely to adhere to the recommended speed limits without using detectors.

Also, there is the issue of distraction. With the increasing use of radar technology in traffic lights, automatic doors, and some cars, radar detectors are likely to give false alarms frequently. This means your focus will easily shift from driving to the device often.

Some drivers will even want to hide them in compartments, and this can even be more dangerous.

Are Radar Detectors Legal? The Takeaway

Most states, including California, allow the use of radar detectors. However, in California and Minnesota, you can’t install the device on your windshield.

When using this gadget, make sure you’re adhering to any applicable laws and guidelines. Keep in mind that there are tools that police use to determine if you’re using a detector. So, they may choose to use other tools and technologies they have to check your speed.

Also, using the device doesn’t give you the leeway to over speed. Being mindful of yourself and other road users is important.

If you want to learn more about the question, “Are radar detectors legal?” be sure to reach out to us for further help.

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