Uniden Dfr7 vs. R3: A Comparison

The Uniden DFR7 and the Uniden R3 radar detectors are up there with being the most popular radar detectors on the market. The Uniden R7 is a close third (it is essentially an off-shoot of the Uniden DFR7). But which one is the best?

On this page, we will pit the Uniden DFR7 against the Uniden R3. We will help you decide which one will be the best radar detector for you. 

We will also briefly touch upon the Uniden R7 and the R1, just because we know that there may be a better option for you in the radar detectors market.

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Let’s jump in, shall we?

Is the Uniden R3 Radar Detector Still Good?

Uniden DRF3 vs R3
Uniden DRF3 vs R3


While there have been later Uniden radar detectors, the Uniden R3 is still a good radar. We feel that it may be a little bit too costly for some people (it is still the most expensive model in their range), but you do get what you pay for here.

The extremely long range of the Uniden R3 means that you will be getting a fair warning of those speed traps and speed camera alerts well in advance, and it boasts a whole host of features that will allow you to mute those false positives.

It even comes pre-loaded with information on fixed-speed cameras and red lights. This means that you will be getting even more protection from the financial dangers on the road (i.e., those traffic tickets!)

The R3 is expensive for a reason. It offers one of the most beautiful displays on any radar detector. The voice alerts are also tremendously clear, providing you with a fair warning of speed camera alerts.

The only real downside to the R3 Radar Detector is that it doesn’t have any directional arrows, making it tricky to know where the speed traps are. 

Although, for the vast majority of people, this isn’t going to be a problem. Make sure that you slow down when there is an alert, and you should be fine.

Even though the R3 is a very old radar detector model now, it is brilliant enough that it will be worth every cent you spend on it, even if you purchase it now. We really cannot imagine that many people being disappointed. 

Which is Better Uniden Radar Detector R3 or R7?

Red Light Camera Alerts
Red Light Camera Alerts

Hands down, the Uniden R7. Don’t get us wrong. The Uniden R3 is a great radar detector. However, the Uniden R7 took everything brilliant about the R3 and made it even better.

For example, remember our complaint about how the R3 doesn’t have directional arrows? Well, that problem is cleared up in the Uniden R7. 

This means you will know precisely where those pesky speed detectors are sitting. It is going to make it a whole lot easier to avoid them.

Another of the issues with the R3 is that it isn’t too good at MultaRadar detection. It works, but it does leave a lot to be desired. It seems that the team over at Uniden realized this. 

This means that when they designed the R7, they had MultaRadar detection at the forefront of their mind. As a result, the Uniden R7 is now the absolute best product on the market for MultaRadar detection.

Other than that, there isn’t a tremendous amount of difference between the R3 and the R7. It is evident that Uniden knew that they had a good thing going with the R3, so why ruin it with a complete redesign?

Yes, the R7 will be ever so slightly more expensive than the R3. However, the price is going to be more than worth it. 

For starters, the R7 will likely be receiving software updates for a lot longer than the R3 does, which means that it will patch out the (barely existent) bugs, and the database of speed cameras and red lights is going to be kept up to date.

Does Uniden DFR7 Detect Laser?

Firstly, we want to point out that the Uniden DFR7 is different from the D7. It is the budget version of the D7.

This means that it doesn’t pack the same number of features that the D7 does, but it is still a Uniden radar detector. This means that it is going to be fantastic.

One thing that we love about the Uniden DFR7 is that it does not cut corners. Oh no. Even at the budget price, it will still have laser detection built into it.

Yep. You can detect lasers with the Uniden DFR7, and it is going to be fantastic at doing so too. It is just about the best radar detector in this price category for laser detection. 

What is the Difference Between the Uniden R1 and R3?

Uniden R3 Voice Alerts
Uniden R3 with Voice Alerts

Honestly? There isn’t a massive amount of difference between the two of them.

Uniden has always made tremendous radar detectors, as stated several times on this page. 

We can’t think of a single one they have produced that you would class as ‘awful.’ However, there are some differences.

Perhaps the most significant difference is that the R3 has a GPS chip. The R1 does not. This means that the R3 can offer features that require a location to be known, e.g., showing speed camera locations, muting false alerts, etc. 

In our opinion, these extra features mean that it is more than worth upgrading to the R3. It just offers so much extra value.

The other feature differences are minimal. It is just a change to the UI or slightly different colors. It probably won’t make that much of a difference to most people. 

What we do love, however, is that the R3 has an automatic power-off option. Suppose you have been parked for a while. This is great if you aren’t a massive fan of draining your car’s battery.

Uniden R3 vs. Dfr7 Radar Detectors

Next up on our Uniden radar detector comparison is the main event. We are going to compare the Uniden R3 vs. DFR7. 

It is pretty challenging to carry out a Uniden radar detector comparison. Even though the DFR7 is considerably cheaper than the R3, it doesn’t lose a whole host of features. 

In fact, the main feature will be the range. We will talk more about that in a short while, though. 

The Similarities 

Uniden dfr7 vs r3 Radar Detectors
Uniden dfr7 vs r3 Radar Detectors

Let’s start with the similarities between the two. Yes. We know that this is supposed to be a comparison. However, we want to show you that both are fantastic models. 

If you can, it is worth spending a bit more cash on the Uniden R3. However, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed if you pick up a Uniden DFR7 radar detector instead.

Radio Frequencies

Both radar detectors will work over the prominent police radar bands. They can also detect laser speed detectors, although we feel that the R3 does that ever so slightly better.

Both police radar scanners will help you track down those speed traps and eliminate false alerts ease.


The Uniden radar detectors R3 and the DFR7 have GPS built into them. This allows you to enjoy a whole host of GPS-focused features. 

This includes location lockouts (more on that soon), auto shut-off, and updated locations for red lights and speed cameras.

Blind Spot Monitoring Systems

Like several other detectors in this range, blind-spot monitoring systems still labors with some car manufacturers.

Location Lockouts 

It doesn’t matter what radar detector you get; there will always be false positives. This is the nature of a radar detector.

Radio waves fly everywhere, and the radar detector can flag them as speed traps. Due to the included GPS in both units, you can specify lockout locations, i.e., places where you are forever getting false positives. 

Voice Alerts

The voice alerts on both of the units are the same. They are crystal-clear and will let you know precisely when a radar is detected in the area.

Low-Speed Muting

Mute Commonly Encountered False Alerts
Mute Commonly Encountered False Alerts

Low-Speed Muting is an attribute that again diminishes alert annoyances when you’re driving in stop-and-go traffic. You can mute the alerts.

Good False Alert Filtering and Alert Priority

The Uniden R3 and the DFR7 can prioritize good false alert filtering coming through. This is important because some alerts may be more likely to be a speed trap than others, e.g., a laser alert is more likely to be a speed trap than false alerts coming through the radio waves.

That being said, the R3 does have slightly better prioritizing when it comes to alerts. We find that the R3 is much less likely to stick false positives as the primary alert. 

However, this does seem to be a common issue with the DFR7 due to how it sorts through alerts.


One thing that Uniden doesn’t do is offer a multitude of accessories. While there are some Uniden DFR7 and R3 accessories, it is not a massive selection. 

Why? Because with both products, you get pretty much everything you need in the box.

Do bear in mind that there is no Uniden R3 remote display, at least not manufactured by Uniden. If another company manufactures one, this is likely to be the accessory that will most likely only be available for the R3. It is a much bigger market.

Ease Of Use

False Alerts Technology
False Alerts Technology

Uniden radar detector manuals have always been the best around. Seriously. It will contain everything you could want to know about using your Uniden radar detector in that manual. 

It makes the devices so easy to use. There is a reason why the Uniden range is a favorite among those that want just to set up their radar detector and forget about it.

Even beyond the manual, the ease of use is unrivaled. Both the R3 and the DFR7 are incredibly easy to use. 

They are intuitive. If you want an easy-to-use radar detector, then either of the models will be good.

Regular Software Updates 

Finally, for the similarities, we have software updates. You will find that there will be a regular Uniden DFR7 and Uniden R3 software update. 

The company loves to ensure that the databases inside of the models are kept ‘up to date. Plus that any software bugs are ironed out.

The Differences 

And now, let’s move on to the differences. There aren’t many differences, but some of them may be pretty important.


The range on the R3 is far superior to that of the DFR7 radar detector.

Yes, they are both marketed as long-range models. However, the R3 can pick up, and provide you with speed camera alerts, far sooner. This can drastically cut down on the number of speeding tickets that you get.

Red Light Camera Filtering

Both the DFR7 and the R3 have red light camera filtering in place, although they accomplish it in ever so slightly different ways. Of course, the R3 does it better.

The R3 allows you to filter out select red light cameras. This can be great if specific cameras have been given you false alerts, or perhaps you are traveling through a bustling area.

The DFR7 has red light filtering, but you have to turn off the false alerts to ensure the cameras are not giving you alerts. This isn’t very pleasant because RLC filtering is a handy feature, and it just isn’t helpful to turn it entirely off.

GPS Lockouts

As we said before, you have GPS lockouts on both the R3 and the DFR7.

The DFR7 allows you to filter up to 100 locations.

The R3 allows you to filter up to 200 locations.

If you live in a city (a place notorious for false alerts), then you need the R3. If you opted for the DFR7, you would barely be able to scratch the surface when it comes to false alerts.


Finally, the price. The R3 is almost double the price of the DFR7. While we believe it is worth the extra cash, some people may not. They may want a basic radar detector without all the bells and whistles that the R3 comes with.

Police Radar

List of the Best Uniden Radar Detectors:


The Uniden R3 is far superior to the Uniden DFR7. It does cost a bit more cash, but if you want features that will help you avoid those awful speeding tickets, the R3 is the model you should be buying. Although, don’t get us wrong. Those on a budget should be perfectly fine with the DFR7. 

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