What Does VG2 Mean on a Radar Detector?

What Does VG2 Mean on a Radar Detector
What Does VG2 Mean on a Radar Detector?

VG2 is the name given to an interference signal used by police radar. It stands for Variable Garble 2. A VG2 sensor picks up this signal and alerts you on your detector that it has been detected so you can slow down if need be.VG2 is the second generation of “instant-on” radar that Police use to bust speeders.

So What Does VG2 Mean on A Radar Detector?

It means that the detector is detecting a VG-2 GPS tracker that’s been hidden in your car. When a VG2 alert goes off on your radar, it means that the Police are using “instant-on” radar, and you need to slow down.

It is a warning of sorts that you are being looked at by radar from a police officer, but it does not mean that an actual speed reading will be returned to your detector.

How Do I Know If I Have VG2?

What is a VG2 Alert?
What is a VG2 Alert?

If your VG2 device has been installed by a professional, it will look like any other alarm sensor (see picture). Unless the officer points out that he is using radar or laser, you won’t notice its presence. Only an experienced technician knows how to detect a VG2 signal.

VG2 is a tracking device that scrambles the frequency of your radar detector. This means you will pick up false readings from VG2, resulting in an inaccurate speed reading for Police. If you suspect or know that a VG2 has been installed inside your car, it’s best to avoid driving around in areas known for heavy police presence.

If you think a VG2 has been installed inside your vehicle, contact a reliable electronics technician to check it out or purchase a new detector that’s compatible with VG2 signals. A VG2 tracking system cannot prevent you from getting a speeding ticket, but it will provide police officers with accurate information about how fast you are going.

If you want to avoid VG2 tracking devices, purchase a radar detector that’s VG2-compatible. Be sure to check the website of your radar detector for their compatibility list before placing an order.

How to Use the VG2 Feature?

While it is not required for the detector to include this feature, it does come in handy for drivers looking for ways to improve their radar detectors. The first time a user should calibrate their device is when they first receive the product. It is highly recommended to detect the GPS satellites before calibrating, but not necessary to use a window mount.

The VG2 Feature is found under the “settings” tab on most radar detectors these days. Since it carries the same functionality, the VG2 can be found in similar places on most models of Escort radar detectors. Once the Feature is located, it can be turned on or off at will.

How Does VG2 Work?

VG2 works by detecting K Band signals off other cars that are within range. The VG2 Radar detector then reads the frequency and displays it on its screen as an alert. Usually, VG2 detectors can track between Ka-Band at 33.8 GHz to X-band at 3GHz or higher.

VG2 is a radar tracker that has been hidden inside your vehicle. It’s placed on the underside of the car. It emits a frequency that not only sets off VG2 detectors but also scrambles the signal between your detector and police gun, allowing you to receive an inaccurate speed reading. When this happens, it means instant-on radar is about to be used on you.

VG2 works so that when a radar gun is fired, you get an alert. The officer can then sit back and wait for you to trigger the alarm on your detector, so he knows you are driving in the area. He will then turn on his radar, at which point you get an accurate speed reading of your speed. This is much easier than walking out to your parked car, unplugging it, and walking back to the radar gun location.

Because VG2 is so helpful to the Police, many states have passed laws making it illegal for civilian use. Some of these states include Pennsylvania and Virginia.

What is a VG3 Alert?

VG2 alert is a warning that a police officer has set off the VG2 sensor hidden in your vehicle. Because of this, you need to slow down as it can mean an instant-on radar reading is about to return. However, not every VG2 alert means you should expect a speed ticket.

What Can Cause a Vh2 Alert?

If your radar goes off when there are no police around, there is a problem with your VG2 sensor. If you get an alert within the vicinity of other cars, it could be that your neighbors and friends have their radar detectors, and you picked up an alert off them. If this happens, change to another channel on your radar detector to filter out false alerts from other cars in the area.

If you get a VG2 alert while traveling on the highway, it could be that your speed was clocked by radar without your knowledge. This can happen if another car is looking for Police ahead of you. Plus has their detector set to the same frequency as yours. If this happens, change to another channel on your detector. Radar detectors are sensitive devices, so there are bound to be false alerts when you use them. Even changing your location can help filter these out because it’s possible that VG2 signals can bounce off other cars and objects.

What Should I Do if I Get a VG2 Alert?

If your detector goes off with an alert of VG2, change to another channel. It is possible that the VG2 alert is indeed false, and you are being alerted of another car in your area. Such VG2 alerts can happen on all bands, but it’s more common on X band, so change to another channel if one is available. If you want to be extra cautious, slow down as a precaution.

If you get another VG2 alert on your way, don’t be surprised if you do get a speeding ticket. It’s also possible that the officer will not turn on his radar for fear of being detected or because he forgot to switch it on. Whatever the case, there is no harm in slowing down as all cars are bound to pick up signals off others in the area.


A VG2 detector picks up the signal through Doppler. Doppler is an amplification of frequencies specific to VG2 (and K-band). The vehicle’s motion creates a frequency signature that can be amplified by the device, which then alerts you on your radar. You won’t get an accurate reading with this kind of detector. However, a new generation of instant-on radar detectors can pick up VG2 messages and not illegally use the K band.

All of that aside, you will get an alert on your detector when it is VG2 about. This alerts you that an officer is either in your area or has just passed by. They could be tracking you from a distance. How far away won’t be specified, but it’s safe to slow down when this happens.


The police officers use speed radar to determine how fast you are going by looking at the frequency reflected off the car back to the device. The detector picks up this reflection and alerts you on its display when it reads a signal in the K band from a VG2 sensor. But not all of these alerts mean you should expect a speed ticket. Most likely, the alert is caused by another vehicle nearby with their radar detector. This can be confirmed by checking the other bands and seeing if there is a signal.

How you react to an alert depends on how fast you are going and whether or not it’s within the vicinity of other cars. If your radar alerts you of another vehicle, change channels and keep driving.

It would be best to slow down as it could be a police radar in the area or another vehicle with its detector. Your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for other cars and to change channels on your detector if you get an alert off another vehicle.

If you get an alert while driving on the road, you are likely clocked off by the police officer ahead of you. The VG2 detector uses Doppler to amplify the frequency of what it hears. This is why there are limits on how fast it can pick up signals off another object. Otherwise, your detector will go crazy with alerts all over the place.

Why Do Police Use VG2?

The Police use VG2 to catch speeders, and this technology has been very effective. The VG2 radar sends out a burst of frequencies and determines how fast it gets reflected. This means that you can be caught even when your detector is switched off because the officer will note down the time and location where he picks up your signal as an object moving at high speed.

What is KS Band?

Ka SuperWide Band (SWB) is the latest update in radar detection and stands for Ka-Band 27.9 – 40 GHz. It can detect K-Band at 33.8 GHz to X-Band at 3GHz or higher, making it the most effective radar detector on the market today.

The makers of VG2 detectors developed ka SuperWide Band in 2003, and this is what you see in most VG2 Radar Detectors today. Its frequency range is extensive, and this is what gives it an edge over its competition. You can avoid a VG2 radar detector with Ka SuperWide Band since the officer has to track down your frequency from hundreds of others before he can issue you a ticket. The wider range also provides extra information regarding speed limits and location, giving you more time to slow down.

Most V2 detectors use Ka-band to pick up signals from other cars. It does this through Doppler, and if you want to reduce the number of false warnings, all you have to do is change channels on your detector. The officers are likely not using K-Band because it can decode it with a VG2 detector. Since these devices are illegal, you won’t see the officer use this band unless he conducts a speed trap.

When your detector picks up a signal from Ka-Band, it’s most likely another car going in the same direction or an officer that wants to gather evidence. It could also be a police car that has just passed by and set up a speed trap. In the latter case, the officer will be pulled over, and out of sight, so you have to check your surroundings before stepping on it.

What is VG2 Auto Learn?

VG2 Auto Learn is a feature that automatically erases VG2 radar detectors from their memory once it detects a false K-Band signal. This technology is illegal since a police officer could use it to escape the watchful eye of a detector. Auto learns patented in 1996 and is no longer used. The only times you see VG2 Auto Learn today are from low-quality detectors that haven’t been updated with current technology.

The VG2 technology is illegal to use since it can detect a VG2 detector through its K Band. The VG2 radar device sends out a signal and determines the frequency and how fast the object moves towards them. It’s not illegal for you to own one, but police officers can confiscate your device if they determine it to be a VG2 detector. The bootleg version of this technology is extremely difficult for police officers to detect, and you can use it with any radar detector.

Should I Have VG2 on a Radar Detector?

Since VG2 radar detectors are illegal in the USA, you probably shouldn’t buy one. Not only can it get confiscated when stopped by a police officer, but you’ll also be liable to pay a fine of $2000-$4000 for possession and use of such a device. You may also find yourself in jail if you do get pulled over by a police officer.

If you’re from another country, you should first determine the legality of VG2 detectors before buying one. Any use outside America without consent is illegal and can get you in trouble when you visit other countries. If there are no laws against it in your country, make sure that it doesn’t have VG2 technology built-in when you buy a radar detector.


VG2 is a band that radar detectors use to help you pick up signals from other cars. Police officers use this technology to detect speeders, and it can undoubtedly improve your chances of avoiding speeding tickets.

However, the only legal way to get around the VG2 detector is by having one yourself or installing an aftermarket device with its own K-Band.

If you still want to use a VG2 radar detector, make sure that it has Auto Learn as this technology is illegal in the US and could get you into trouble and your detector confiscated.

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