Where is The Best Place to Mount a Radar Detector

Why Radar Detectors Are a Wise Investment
Why Radar Detectors Are a Wise Investment

Mount Radar Detector High or Low

A radar detector is a worthy investment for all drivers. It is an electronic device widely used by motorists to detect if their speed is being monitored by law enforcement or police using a radar gun. Drivers use radar detectors to reduce their car’s speed to avoid getting a ticket for speeding.

Speeding tickets resulting fines amounting to millions of dollars, and many drivers opt to install a radar detector to avoid them. This device can make you aware of a police officer in your vicinity. Using a radar detector to alert you of radar guns and speed traps may be easy. However, how you mount this device matters a lot.

It would be best to research or consult widely before installing your radar detector, and there are robust questions to answer. 

What is the best option for mounting a radar detector high or low? Is it worthwhile having a radar detector on your vehicle? Is the location of the device imperative? Plus, it is necessary to understand where to mount a detector to get the most out of the device?

These are some of the common questions that many radar detector users, especially novices, ask. Learning the basics about using these devices, particularly how to mount them, is not that daunting or rocket science. There is a lot to look at and mount, and starting using your radar detector stress-free.

Should You Mount Your Radar Detector High Or Low?

To function and work correctly, your detector should at all times be mounted correctly. A radar detector is best mounted as a high up in a vehicle to provide a good detection range. The standard location for mounting your vehicle’s radar detector is on the front windshield, and this is near or around the center of the rearview mirror.

If you wish to mount it while pairing it with a dash camera, it is best to mount this device beside or beneath the dashcam.

Something should always hide the radar for maximum protection, and you have a clear view of the road ahead. You should be able to see it without having to look away from the road. Significantly, you should keep it ground level and aim straight down the road you are using.

For best performance, conventional wisdom suggests making it clear you should mount it high on the windshield. A properly mounted radar detector will offer more pros than aiding drivers to make the right decision concerning the speed of their vehicles. Other benefits of mounting a radar detector high and perfectly include:

* It saves you money, especially where a radar detector is legal as you avoid getting a costly speeding ticket.

* It also saves you time as you don’t have to deal with strict police officers who abide by the law all the time or unnecessary speed traps.

* You travel quickly and safely as the device helps manage your speed.

* Perfectly work in any weather, and you should worry about the device failing when you need it much.

* Increases your safety on the roads and avoids panic accidents as you will decelerate if you are speeding.

The Basics of Installing a Radar Detector High or Low

Mounting a radar detector high or low isn’t that daunting when you know where to start. You will need to understand some basics before figuring out where to place the detector in the vehicle. Arguably, there are many advantages of deciding where to best place your radar detector, where to use it effectively, and for the best performance.

As you mount your radar detectors, the key thing to keep in mind is that height matters. Therefore, decide whether you are mounting a radar detector high or low. As the height of the detector will affect its performance.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher you mount your radar detector, the better it will perform. It is easy to detect speed traps over different settings and have a competitive edge over other vehicles in the vicinity. Your radar will easily detect different signals that different barriers might easily block.

Mounting a radar detector low may be an easy and convenient location, but the device won’t be that effective in detecting signals. Many drivers experience less range when detecting radar, and you are likely to get a ticket for speeding. Running the power cable on different locations inside the vehicle can block the stereo buttons and display and look unattractive.

Where you point a radar detector is also imperative, and you should make the right decision. For alignment, I make sure I mount the radar detector level with the ground or straightforward. Please don’t point it up or down to get the best signal when on the roads.

Radar Detector Mounting Ideas- For Best Performance

When mounting radar detectors, you should consider a location that guarantees maximum performance. Remember, speed limits are annoying, and you don’t have to end up spending a lot of money clearing ticket fines when you can avoid such an issue. There are diverse methods and ways to mount a radar detector and be on the good side of the law.

Radar detectors are a useful device that makes it easy for drivers of speed traps on the road. Be law-enforcement authorities monitoring speed or construction areas. Understanding how to mount a radar detector will guarantee the best performance from your device.

With this in mind, here are ideas to embrace and perfectly mount your radar detector.

Mounting on the Windshield

The primary purpose of a vehicle windshield is to protect the occupants and the interiors against debris, dust, wind, rain, bug, and other elements on the roads. It also adds an ornamental feature to the car. If a novice and want to mount a radar detector in your car, the windshield is an excellent location to pick.

There are different ways to mount a detector on the windscreen, and you should settle for one that offers increased performance and efficiency. Mount your detector at a higher elevation to detect radar waves efficiently. Radar detector mounting locations vary slightly, however, there are a few things you need to know.

* Why Should You Mount in the Center of the Windshield?

Mounting radar detectors in the windshield center is recommended as it makes it easy to figure out whether to settle for high or low mounting. It will also be easy to access your radar detector than when you mount it at a lower elevation or closer to the wipers.

* Should You Mount Low on the Windshield

Many drivers have valid options for mounting low or high radar detectors. There are pros and cons of low mounting that should guide you. Many manufacturers will recommend mounting low on the windshield because of its easy and convenient location.

It will also be easy to run a power cable via the dash to the desired object without blocking your visibility. Low mounting on the windshield will provide an ideal location for laser detection. Some drivers will not want to mount low on the windshield because there are chances of experiencing reduced radar range detection. The power cables running down your dashboard will also not look attractive.

* Don’t Leave Your Radar Visible to Thieves

Mounting low or in the center of the windshield can expose your detector to burglars. These are usually compromised locations, and you may end up leaving your radar easily accessible by thieves or police officers. The good news is that you can still hide your radar detector, and there are incredible ideas to keep in mind. And they include:

* Opting for rear view mirror mounting

* Go incognito by investing in a tint strip

* Using unnoticeable radar detectors

Mounting Under the Rearview Mirror

Mounting under the rearview mirror is the best option if there are regulations in your state or country that limit such decisions to evade the law. You will also have the ideal solution for mounting to your windshield with suction cups. Interestingly, you will undertake a professional-looking and efficient installation.

If you have invested in radar detectors with suction cups, you will find it easy to install them on the windshield as they will not block your view. To get the most out of this option, place the detector in the upper left corner of the windshield or lower-left corner above the steering wheel.

Grill Mounted Radar Detectors

If you are not into do-it-yourself radar detector mounting, don’t opt for grill area mounting. It requires professional services and will cost you money on the installation. But then again, the grill is an ideal part of placing the detector if your vehicle has a heated windshield or designs with a metallic coating to block radar signals.

The detector will not be visible to thieves as it is correctly hidden in the grill, and you can park your vehicle without any worries. You can also integrate the radar detector with a laser jammer to prevent all possible detections. But why spend a lot of money when you can mount radar detectors low or high on windshields.

Do Radar Detectors Need a Line of Sight?

Radar uses radio waves to detect and monitor various objects. This is possible because the radar device will emit a radio wave and detect any echo. They will quickly ascertain speed and distance by determining how far an object is or how fast it is.

This means that radar detectors need a line of sight to work efficiently. They will absorb or reflect waves. This means that they should be mounted in a particular direction or location to detect a specific object. You have to install a radar at a certain angle, and the placement should have a clear line of sight. There shouldn’t be any obstructions, and proper mounting will guarantee the best performance.

Understanding Line of Sight

A line of sight is simply a characteristic wave propagation whereby the wave has to travel from the primary source and to a receiver. The light of sight guarantees an unobstructed vision, and one can detect a signal from afar when it comes to radar detectors.

Make Sure Your Radar Detector is Pointed Forwards

It is advisable to ensure your radar detector is pointed straight forward. Always ensure you mount it level with the ground and straightforward.

If you don’t position your radar level, you will reduce its performance and efficiency. Even if it’s your first time mounting this device, make sure you consider this carefully. You don’t want to be a victim of speed traps and ticket fines when you could have avoided this by pointing the radar straight ahead.

They designed radar detectors to allow users to aim them up or down. You don’t have to do much to point your detector. If stuck, it is wise to seek help or consult an expert on how to point your radar correctly.

Don’t install behind Windshield Blades

One common mistake many new car owners make is to mount radar detectors behind the windshield wiper blades. Windshield, wipers play a significant role in making sure you drive safely from one destination to another. 

These parts are widely used to keep the front and back of the windshield clear. They make sure drivers don’t have to endure obstructed vision when driving.

Dirt, dust, sunlight, and oil contribute to the weakening and damage of windshield wiper blades. Hence, with no time, the blades cannot keep the driver’s view unobstructed or clear. Bad weather may damage wiper blades, particularly if they become brittle and hard.

You should never mount radar detectors behind wiper blades as the metal surfaces can easily affect the device and signals. It is like placing your radar in direct contact with the windshield, as this will reduce critical speed warning time and their efficiency. The blades will easily obstruct the detector’s lens or windows, reducing their performance when you want them working well all day or night.

Don’t Use a Suction Cup

Radar detectors come in many designs, and you should always pick the best in the market. Some designs come with suction cups. When mounting your radar detector, attach the suction cups directly to the windshield.

If poorly installed, they will block your view, and the radar detectors will not serve their purpose on your vehicle. They are also sensitive to temperatures, especially if you live in or travel in cold temperatures. This can tamper with the flexibility of the cups, and you may find it hard to put them up when temperatures change. Some types of suction cups won’t stick as expected, and this can hinder the effectiveness of your radar detector.

Why Location Matters

Mount Radar Detector in the Correct Way

Location is an imperative facet to look at in mounting a radar detector, high or low, and knowing where to mount this device and get the most out of it. Drivers have to take their time and weigh which area and position best suits the need of using a radar detector.

You may have many ideas in mind if it is not your first time using such a device. For example, you can decide to mount on the rearview mirror or the grill of your vehicle as each location has its pros and cons. However, if you are a newbie car owner, stress no more.

There are a few things to hold into consideration as to why you have to mount your radar detector high on the windshield. Have a look:

* Ease of installation

* An ideal mounting location

* Excellent radar levels of performance

* No irritating cables running down your windshield

* Ease of access

* Hiding a device from potential burglars

How to Use a Radar Detector Effectively?

If you are looking forward to enjoying ticket-free driving and driving safely, don’t have any reservations about investing in a radar detector. It is a great device, but you should make sure you mount it properly to use it stress-free. Mounting your radar detector in the right location will also help protect your investment.

At all times, you have to mount your radar detector so that it is not visible to thieves in case you leave the car unattended in the parking garage. Go on and learn how to interpret inefficiencies in the device. Even with this worthwhile device, don’t forget to drive at the recommended speed in your state and stay alert.

To Sum Up

Mounting a radar detector is not a daunting task if you have the necessary ideas at your fingertips. It is a straightforward process that doesn’t require much effort as you need to follow provided instructions.

The location matters, and you have to go for an ideal option, from mounting the radar detector in the windshield, rearview mirror, or any other safe location. If stuck, it is wise to seek professional assistance and mount your radar detector hassle-free.

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